10 Things In Men's Wardrobe Which Should Be Discarded Right Now!

Items you should throw away in your wardrobe-Fashion is an ever-changing trend. It keeps on transforming no matter if it’s for men or women. It is bound to change. However, men tend to keep a lesser hold on the changing times as compared to women. So, here are ten fashion accessories which should be removed as soon as possible from men’s wardrobe.

By James Brandy

Items you should throw away in your wardrobe 


If you are wearing those bread-necklaces made up of stone or wood or any ring, then take it off as soon as possible because they are so old-fashioned. Try keeping the game classy and straightforward by opting for other accessories like leather textures which are quite trendy these days.


Take off your straw caps from the wardrobe and, instead replace them with baseball caps as they look more stylish as compared to the straw caps. 


Wearing contrasting shoes and socks are a thing of past now. So, avoid wearing them until and unless you are planning to go to a circus. Indeed, this combination looks exceptionally absurd. 


Try not to opt for buckles which are too massive, shiny or offer a gaudy look. Instead, go for fasteners which have a matte shade to keep it classy. 


Leather jackets with zippers and other flashy accessories have no popularity. These fashion trends are done and dusted. So, why not opt for clothes which are going to be fashionable in the coming future. You can go for denim jackets with some cool logos and patches on them. 


Planning to wear a classy suit and clad in a winter coat at the top of that? I must suggest you drop that idea then and there only as it is going to be an extremely absurd combination of the century! However, you can always shift to trench coats or cut parka as they give a more stylish look.


If you intend to get out of your home with a fur coat on you then it is advisable to stay indoors because the fur coats may have had a considerable appeal decades ago, but now apart from offering you a shabby and a cheap look they do nothing else. Opt for a decent wool jacket or preferably an aviator jacket. 


Skinny jeans are the last season thing. Not only do they reveal a large part of your body, but do not look good overall. So, wear slim-fit jeans, and you are good to go! 


If you intend to store your deep V shirts and wait for the trend to return then, please give up this idea and make an earnest effort to discard them as soon as possible. Clad yourself in cotton T-shirts with round neck to add a charm. 


All you need to do is find a thick sweater rather than a thin one as it will reveal more than half of the shirt that you are wearing inside. Otherwise, this is one of the many charming fashion trends as yet. 

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