Whisky Is Like A Magic Word

Jennifer Jordan

Jennifer Jordan is the senior editor at www.savoreachglass.com With a vast knowledge of wine etiquette, she writes articles on everything from how to hold a glass of wine to how to hold your hair back after too many glasses. Ultimately, she writes her articles with the intention that readers will remember wine is fun and each glass of anything fun should always be savored.

“Whisky is like a magic word, whenever uttered people’s eyes light up and smiles appear…”

The week is finally over, time to kick back, slide off your shoes and do something truly relaxing.

Whisky tasting

Originally distilled for its medicinal properties, whisky is not just a drink – it is an experience. It has the power to change people’s mood, their outlook on life and perception of existence… Whisky is a social beast that brings people together… To drink whisky after dinner is a centuries old tradition, to retire to the ‘Den’ and sip the ‘water of life’. Who am I to argue?

If whisky is a social beast, then single malt is a powerful enforcer of status. It is symbolic of having arrived at your destiny; deserving of the nectar of the gods, and able and ready to appreciate the true expressions of a particular distillery.

Who drinks whisky?  A lot more people than you think.

Who drinks single malt? Fortunately more and more and thanks to a small handful of passionate people, there is an ever growing variety of whiskies available for us to indulge in.

What has changed over the years when it comes to whisky…I would say everything except the true craftsmanship of the distillery people that create the Uisge Beatha (water of life). Although now aided by modern technology, their passion and dedication is still as old fashioned and straight from the heart as it has been for centuries.  Even whisky itself is always changing. Try pouring the same dram two nights running, the flavors meander on the waves of your taste buds, affected by the day’s events, offering more surprises than a Kinder egg!

Enjoy a lowland style, triple distilled, whisky as an aperitif, a nice way to start the evening.  A highland with all its heather and honey while the conversation is flourishing and maybe finish off with an Islay style whisky; full of smoke, peat and earthy flavors,  together with a nice espresso and dark Belgium chocolate .

If the making of whisky is a slow and serious business, the drinking of whisky is a slow and serious process and all about enjoyment…A sheer delight when done right. It is not a ‘Fast Food’ style of spirits - when people pour themselves a ‘dram’ they look for a comfortable chair with a good back rest to slide into.

The popular TV show ‘Boston legal’ springs to mind, which single handedly  re-focused the social aspect of a dram after a day’s work…a deserving moment to relax and reflect on the day’s events.

Taking a few moments out of our daily stressful routine can work miracles. It calms the mind and stops the racing of heart, taking us to a better place. Like Denny Crane & Allen Marsh, my escape is a good Scotch and a noble product from Cuba.

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  • Angela says
    This and fishing is a great way to relax I agree. I also love whiskey and fishing and I am a women....
  • Andrew says
    I enjoy a sip of the 'water of life' as much as the next person. I have a few bottles of single malt at home, but when I go to town, to keep the price down, I drink CC with a touch of dry. I mentioned this in a whiskey shop the other day and the man behind the counter preceded to tell me that I was not a REAL whiskey drinker...

    Has Canadian Club lost its class and become just another standard spirit???
    • New Member says
      Judging by the fact that most university students will opt for Johny Red or CC, with a mixer (dry or coke)... I'm sorry to say yes, I think it has dropped a little. (I talk from experience, and being there).

      As for favorite types, I'd say that Isle of Jura is what I reach for the most.
      Though I get the feeling that it will soon to smokier, peatier stuff soon.
    • Damien says
      glenfiddich and glen morange need I say more..
    • JD's, the brand stuff you can buy is awesome and love the taste!

      • Mahendran Reddy says
        I agree!!
      • Totara says
        I had the good fortune to visit a Whiskey Distillery near Balmoral (scotland) which was by appointment, the official whiskey suppliers for the Royal family. Despite being an assault on all the senses (especially the nose)...did you know that Whiskey is essentially colourless and that the colour comes from the (port?) barrels where the whiskey is distilled over many years. The colour and taste, are formed from the port which leeches ever so slowly over time, from the wood in the barrel.
      • paula says
        mmmmmmm the title says it all...........
      • Mcknick says
        This ... and a cigar ... On a balcony ... with your best mate! Best. Thing. Ever!
      • i love a good whiskey with no ice on a friday night.

        the whiskey hidden in my cupboard is a Stronachie single malt aged twelve years.

        pure liquified heaven.
      • kozmic says
        I admit my favourite drink is whiskey, at dinners with work mate theres a discussion about which wine we should have, red. wine, sav, pinot. I try to look like I care. But my heart lies with good whiskey. The one on offer is enough to make me melt. I could give it to my old man or maybe just save him the bottle
      • GHODST says
        Whiskey whiskey whiskey. simple put there is nothing better, to get drunk off, to relax with, or to even cure a cold with.

        Four words. Whiskey is just badass!

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