Types of whiskey

Whiskey is a drink in which many people love to indulge. Attracted to all sorts, people find themselves filling up their flasks, ordering another round, and telling bottles that they are their water of life. Whiskey, quite simply, is among the most lavish of liquors: ordering a glass always raises the bar.

Yet, there are some people who have never tried whiskey, some unfortunate souls who frequently indulge in only tequila or vodka. It's not these peoples' faults, we must not go after them in some sort of Whiskey Rebellion. Whiskey, instead, is to blame: after all, this is one drink that is intimidating to the novice.

Not only does whiskey demand a certain sophistication, like a drink that rolls its eyes in the direction of light beer and one that refuses to sit anywhere other than the top shelf, but it also comes in an overwhelming variety.

The following list offers the novice a little help as it showcases the different types of whiskey: go ahead and drink it in.

Scotch Whiskey: These whiskies tend to answer to their first name: Scotch. Scotch is whiskey that is distilled in Scotland (a whiskey wearing a kilt is a sign of validity). They are typically distilled twice, but may be distilled three times. Scotch must be aged in oak casks for at least three years.

Scotch can be made from malted barely, unmalted barely, other unmalted grains or a mix. It can also come from a single distillery, or several. Regardless of the type, Scotch is well liked among drinkers: in many peoples' opinions, it malts in your mouth and not in your hand.

Japanese Whiskey: Initially, the Japanese took a page from the Scotch playbook and attempted to recreate the same whiskey in Japan. However, because the ingredients used in Scotland weren't widely available, they were forced to deviate from their original plan. Still, Japanese Whiskey does a good job of carrying on the traditions introduced by the Scottish, it just tastes different.

Japanese Whiskey typically does not contain wheat or rye (two ingredients essential to many types of whiskey), and is instead made using millet, rice, and corn. Their whiskey is also initially fermented in a fashion similar to that of their sake. This produces a drink with an innovative taste fit for a king, or at least an emperor.

Irish Whiskey: Irish Whiskey is a whiskey made in Ireland (who knew the Irish drank!). It can be produced a variety of ways, the most unique being in a pot. Pure pot still whiskey, available only from Ireland and made completely with barley, has a spicy, different, and highly sought-after taste.

Irish whiskey can be single malt (made from malted barely and distilled inside a pot still) or grain whiskey (made from grain and distilled inside a column still). Grain whiskey is a lighter whiskey and is rarely bottled on its own. It is often used as a blender with single malt. Though there are some similarities between Irish Whiskey and Scotch, Irish Whiskey does not involve the use of peat. This causes Irish Whiskey to be without the smokiness Scotch exhibits.

So there you have it: round one of the whiskeys (yes, this round's on me). Stay tuned for round two where we will discuss Indian Whiskey, Canadian Whiskey, and American Whiskey. In the mean time, the above whiskies should keep you busy, and keep you satisfied.

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  • Kiwi Gas says
    It's bad form to confuse your whiskey and your whisky. The best tipples in the world are Scottish single malt whiskies, with Glenmorangie being the top of the pile, with definitely no 'e' in sight.
  • Love my single malts. Had a nice collection till an old friend came over... 2 days later, 8 bottles, a quarter to a half full had mysteriously disappeared.
  • JD or JB Dry the perfect mix
  • RW says
    Awesome article. So many varieties. Keppup the good work.
  • New Member says
    The real taste of a good whiskey is how long it took to get out of the barrel and into a bottle.
  • New Member says
    Mmmmm Still a bourbon girl ; )
  • Gnah06 says
    Whiskey my fav!!!
  • New Member says
    You're making me thirsty!
  • SOMAD says
    Not as good as JIM BEAM HONEY though....!
  • Duk says
    I love drinking a nice single malt whiskey, there are some great brands out there and i want to try them all, health and finance permitting. Am 1/2 way there so far

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