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  • Ti Point

    25 October 2007 / Lifestyle / Drink

    Ti Point         Not so very long ago the New Zealand wine industry was almost completely dominated by men. There were a number of women involved but by and large they didn’t really play a significant... More about Ti Point

  • French soccer team

    11 May 2007 / Lifestyle / Drink

    1998? French Soccer Team’s World Cup title? Being the wino-geek that I am, whenever people mention years, I usually think vintages. Born in 1977: amazing ports! Married in 1961: maybe the best Chateau Latour! Divorced in 1991: big frost in... More about French soccer team

  • Nectar of Gods

    11 May 2007 / Lifestyle / Drink

    It’s time for me to show off! I hosted a very special event last year:  the first public vertical tasting (8 different vintages) of Château d’Yquem ever held in New Zealand. Yes. Me!!! OK. For those who might have heard about... More about Nectar of Gods

  • Brook laddie!

    28 March 2007 / Lifestyle / Drink

    No spirit compares to Scottish single malt. No spirit is such a direct reflection of the land, its nature or its people. Although tried many times in numerous countries with countless expense, no person or company can make a whisky like the Scots. A... More about Brook laddie!

  • Cheap as chips!

    19 January 2007 / Lifestyle / Drink

    Cheap as chips! May this 2007 bring you all the wines that you dream of but also some new and unexpected exciting drops! I’ll try to do my best for the latter. And to do so, good servant that I am, I’ve explored for you the world of... More about Cheap as chips!


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    The Pacific Touch Rugby festival (Fijian Cup and Kava Cup) is underway on November 2, 2017 and with support from Touch Fiji and...

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    Rock Island is an all inclusive fully immersive travel experience which was brought into the music festival scene by The Rock and...

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    With seven years and growing under their belt; TourismHQ has established and continues to deliver on their extensive wealth of...