Globug – avoid debt in a powerful way

Globug, the power retailer experiencing the biggest growth believes its success is due to how much money people are saving.

Globug – the pre pay system that gives its clients the ability to manage their own electricity consumption, plus how they pay at for it too.  According to the New Zealand EA, Globug’s growth has been bigger than any other supplier during March, May and June.

With over twenty seven thousand customers across NZ, Globug has seen a thirty per cent increase in the short time they have been in operation.  The Globug app and power monitor helps users to see how much power they are using. Having access to the actual level of power use is now firmly in place in many areas outside of Auckland.

CSC cardholders will be able to experience a lower average power price than regular New Zealand power subscribers. An average rate of six per cent less that other users means cardholders can save about $145 per year when their bills are paid on time and in full. The total discount can range from 10% to over twenty per cent.

The Globug General Manager says that Globug users have the potential to save close to $400 each year once they avoid the hassle of unpaid or late power bills that have extra charges attached to them.

Globug is good because it keeps consumers out of debt, they avoid stress and it’s the user that has control of their power expenses.

When it comes to paying power bills, being able to pay them online or by using an app is clearly going to be the preferred way. It’s a great benefit of the Globug app and it also gives low-income house holds the ability to control how they use their power. By giving them control, Globug has empowered them.

The Globug system also provides benefits for how to supply discounts to large groups of consumers. Sadly, low income earners usually have to pay more for their power. Credit interest or missing out on cash discounts mean that this group end of paying more. They also have to pay higher rates of interest or take loans out for longer terms.

In this day and age, households need power to survive. This creates a community responsibility for power companies.

The majority of power users pay their power at the end of the month, after they have used the electricity. This system works well if you can afford to keep up to date with your payments and also take advantage of the early payment discount. However, if you don’t pay on time, you miss out and if you can meet the monthly bills, you can start getting further behind.

Head of Globug, Luke Blincoe can see that users end up needing more power when it is colder and then the ramifications of that is that the bills go up. The power price stays the same but the final cost goes up.

If you can’t pay the full price on time, there is no discount and those consumers that are juggling their bills from week to week are the most affected. Worse still, if they can’t pay they are disconnected then have to pay to get reconnected again. Globug was designed to put a stop to this debt cycle for good.

The Globug system is set up to allow account holders to pay for their power in numbers that they can afford, best of all, there is no re-connection charge. When the Globug account gets low, users have at least a day to top up the minimum $20 amount.

Globug spokespeople can see that users get the system and are now able to manage power costs better, plus they are saving money too.

Globug continues to get great feedback from subscribers who love it that large power bills no longer sneak up on them at the end of the month. One less bill to worry means they have more money and their lights keep working.

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