7 MacOS Tips to Improve Productivity

With the majority of our professional lives tethered to our computers, getting the most out of our devices becomes crucial. Here is where MacOS plays a significant role: Apple’s operating system. MacBooks are known for having sleek designs and intuitive user interfaces. Hence, it is no wonder that it has become the ultimate choice for creative professionals and students.

However, even the most experienced MacOS user may often struggle to leverage its full potential. It might be overwhelming initially, not knowing how to unlock your Mac’s full potential. Hence, this guide will unveil the seven lesser-known MacOS tips to boost productivity. These will help you work smarter, not harder, and streamline your workflow while simultaneously organizing your workspace.

1. Keyboard Shortcuts: The Power at Your Fingertips

When it comes to productivity, keyboard shortcuts are akin to a secret language. It enables you to unlock a more efficient means of interacting with your computer. With keyboard shortcuts, you can learn various means of executing actions in a fraction of the time. Explore the undo shortcut and how to execute it. Learning the Mac undo shortcut saves you time and reduces the interruptions you face while working.

2. Mastering Mission Control: Streamlining Workspace Navigation

Navigating between different windows and apps can be a hectic task, often leading to a cluttered space. This is where Mission Control makes a difference. With a simple swipe up on the trackpad, all your windows are spread out, allowing you to see everything at a glance.

Another essential feature is Spaces. This will enable you to group related applications or windows on separate desktops. Switching between these desktops is as easy as a swipe left or right on the trackpad. Let’s not forget Expose, which spreads out all the open windows of a single application. You can activate it by navigating to Mission Control and then swiping down with three fingers on the trackpad.

3. Spotlight Search: The Ultimate Time-Saver

Spotlight Search stands out as a time-saver in MacOS, one of the best features for Mac productivity tips. It offers an instantaneous search tool with a simple Command + Spacebar shortcut. More than just a file finder, Spotlight excels in versatility, adeptly performing calculations, defining words, and conducting web searches. The Quick Look feature within Spotlight allows for rapid file previews without fully opening them, streamlining the search process even further.

4. Harnessing Hot Corners: A Shortcut to Efficiency

Hot Corners transform each corner of your screen into a shortcut, triggering different actions based on your preferences. To customize your own Hot Corners, open System Preferences and then look for Mission Control. In the lower-left corner of the Mission Control settings window, you will notice Hot Corners. Click on it. Once you do so, you can customize the different corners of your screen to other functions.

5. Automating Tasks: Automator and Shortcuts

Automator is a powerful yet underutilized tool in MacOS. Automator can handle many tasks, from resizing batches of images and renaming files in bulk to creating automated backups and custom scripts for more complex actions. As for Shortcuts, it can be triggered via the app, menu bar, Siri, or even with a custom keyboard command.

6. Text Expansion: The Secret to Speedy Typing

One of the many MacBook productivity tips often overlooked is text expansion, a productivity technique that can drastically speed up typing and reduce repetitive strain. It allows you to create custom shortcuts for commonly used phrases. For instance, typing “addr” could automatically expand to your complete mailing address. You can access the feature through the Keyboard section of System Preferences.

7. Decluttering Desktop: Stacks and Tags

Introduced in MacOS Mojave, Stacks is a feature that automatically organizes your desktop files into neat groups based on file type, data, or tags. With just a right-click on the desktop and selecting “Use Stacks,” all the scattered files align into tidy piles. This instantly declutters your space. As for Tags, you can utilize them to change your file management. By assigning color-coded tags to files and folders, you can categorize data in a way that makes sense to you.


Efficiency has become an integral part of the digital age. It allows one to maintain an effective workflow and stay in the competition. Hence, embracing the full potential of MacOS can revolutionize your productivity. This guide’s tips, from mastering keyboard shortcuts to utilizing Spotlight Search, are more than just time-savers.

All seven tips and tricks are game-changers for optimizing workflows and decluttering your digital workspace. Whether you are new to macOS or already an experienced user, integrating the features will significantly boost your computing experience. Hence, utilize the guide to turn routine tasks into a seamless process.

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