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Everyone becomes a critic.

Everyone has some advice for you.

[Social Media Week] E se fossero i Social Media ad usare Voi?

There is in effect a line of people, waiting to give you advice.

The key is to vett the advice, in the same way you would (hopefully) vett a financial advisor, find out a place of experience as to where that advice comes from.  And then interpret it.

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  • barnes10 says
    Take the good advice on board (remember to agree with them what you'll do for them as they may sue or bag you in the press in the future) but stick to your guns and your principles.

  • Ebbz says
    take the advice on board - but have faith in the idea, even if it needs adapting and changing - don't get disheartened.
  • History is made by first timers. Often, really great ideas never see the light of day because everyone else was listened to; the detractors, the naysayers... if you have a great idea and you really believe in it, go for it. Don't listen to anyone else.
  • Timothy says
    advice is tricky being. when someone has a good idea it more often then not fades away to be forgotten. having an idea is great an all but it really if up to the person him/her self to bring it to fruit.

    "i wish i could travel"... or "I really want to join the Police or the army" etc... These are just some examples of things people 'WISH' or 'HOPE' for. one thing i have learned is that one will do anything for you, in fact people will often try to stop you from reaching your goal.

    So it really is all up to you. advice is great it really is, but they also plan the seeds of doubt however well intended they might be.

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