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It’s ok that you’re doing this the first time.


It’s ok that you will make mistakes.

It’s ok that it’s not perfect.

It’s ok that there is competition.

It’s ok if it’s broken, you will fix it.

It’s not ok to let these stop you.

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  • Too bloody right! And more importantly, don't listen to anyone else, unless it's supportive. History is made by first timers, not opinion holders.
    • Onaphobia says
      Have to be careful with that one though. Even nay sayers can be useful. You don't have to follow their advice, but listening, and considering, can be very valuable. And surrounding yourself with a cheerleading committee who only ever tell you you are doing GREAT can often let you follow the wrong path. I really value people who read my scripts and tell me what they genuinely think. When someone says "it's great!" I want to know what they think I could change. Doesn't mean I'll do it, but might be worth considering.
      • JasonMantis says
        Absolutely. Writing is something that can generally be judged by some accepted norms of classification, i.e. crap, not crap. Maybe I'm wrong in thinking that business ideas are harder to quantify....
        • Onaphobia says
          Maybe. I guess you have to pick your audience, but also people who will critically evaluate the idea not just 'yes, men'. Or Women.

          Not everyone can fairly judge a script, not everyone can even read a script and see its potential. Give your script to your Mum and she'll love it just the way it is. Give it to a script writer friend and they'll tell you how to make it better. Give an indie script to a producer at one of the studios in LA and they'll probably hate it because it doesn't fall into the formula they want, hit the beats when they want, etc. But give it to an indie script and they'll scramble to find you the funding for the next two years.

          What was my point...?
          • JasonMantis says
            I'm not sure, but you sounded very passionate about it, whatever it was.
          • Onaphobia says
            Should have this printed out on my wall. I'm sure I could probably add quite a few to that list, too. But:

            It's okay that this list is incomplete :)

          • Agreed, my list would rapidly grow until I'd have to ignore it for not being concise enough!

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