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Ben Young, serial entrepreneur, speaker, author and founder of bwagy shares daily ideas on his blog in small digestible bites, aimed to make you rethink business, marketing and the world around you. check out

That is a series of steps to share your logical thinking.

Teach your logical methodologies.  What’s logical to you in your specialist field of knowledge is not logical to everyone else .  They don’t know your tricks & tips.

Even if it’s absolutely simplistic – it’ll help other people make consistent exceptional decisions.

You won’t get it right initially but if you can get it 80% right, then you greatly reduce what’s coming over to you.

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  • Wow, that was almost too brief for me to understand what you are getting at. More of an aroma than a digestible bite....
  • Onaphobia says
    I'm not even entirely sure it makes sense. "then you greatly reduce what’s coming over to you." What? Was it written in another language and run through google translation? Either way it kind of sounds like they're saying 'When you are trying to explain something to someone who is not in your field dumb it down so they can understand'. Really. Never woulda thought of that.
  • Now now, be nice, maybe we're not clever enough.
    • Onaphobia says
      Yeah, that's it. Maybe they need to make it 'absolutely simplistic'

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