The Biggest Differences Between the Virtual and Physical Boardroom

When board members and other members of the organization start to understand that there is a tremendous amount of merit found in the newest of technologies, then there is a wonderful bridge that is brought over the gap of younger generations in business to the older ones. Younger people are far more comfortable with the technology that can be obtained in the organization, and as long as they are able to take that tech and run with it then there will be a great deal of efficiency that can be found along the way. The biggest key is to try and get the older and less tech-savvy employees onboard, but as long as those individuals can get up to speed then the full scope of internal meetings will run that much smoother.  

Knowing About (and Eliminating) Distractions

The truth of the matter is everyone is distracted by one thing or another all of the time. Even if you don’t think that you are, you are just unaware of how many distractions actually exist in the world today. When you start to think about all of the different types of media, advertisements, and general differences overall that are in front of your eyes each and every minute then you will no doubt be surprised to hear just how many people are actually distracted in their everyday lives and when they are supposed to be doing other things instead.

According to Lifehack, you not only want to be aware of all of these different distractions, but you also want to be conscious of the fact that they could come out of nowhere and could be keeping you from doing your best work at any given time. Consider the fact that when you are no longer in a physical board room but rather you are in your own home or your own office and your distractions are everywhere. Whether that is your phone calls, emails, or people popping into your office, or even if it is children and loved ones running into your home workspace or pets getting you off topic at home, you have to know the professionalism that is required if you are going to be in the middle of meetings that aren’t in the physical boardroom.  

Be Comfortable with The Technology

When it comes to the actual technology being used, one of the hardest things to do is to get everyone on the same page initially. Just like individuals at one point needed to be taught everything from how to use email down to how to use cell phones, the ability to learn how to use video conferencing is both a tremendous one and an essential one as the world moves forward into the next wave of business technologies. The benefits of video conference tools is that you can easily get multiple parties up to speed in no time at all since most providers’ platforms offer user-friendly tools and simple interfaces.  

Level of Seriousness

Just because you are comfortable with the importance of having virtual meetings and video conferencing in your organization and as a part of your everyday life, it doesn’t necessarily mean that everyone will agree with you. Don’t forget that when it is about using new technology or new processes in general, you have to be sure everyone is up to speed with both the operation, but also the understanding of it as well. When this occurs it is not just a respect point of view, but a pure difference of opinion as well in some cases.

When you consider all of the different ways that you can earn respect in a meeting, according to Forbes they will all come down to making sure the other party is comfortable. However, if you throw another party into the middle of a meeting using new technology and they aren’t aware of the capabilities or even that it is your company’s normal policy, then in a short period of time you could have a group of people whom you want to interview, do business with, or even need services from who will just assume you are treating them like second class citizens. Just remember that even if you are comfortable with using technologies and processes that the other party is just as comfortable as well.

Regardless of what others say and want to do, the point of your organization is to get up to speed as quickly and efficiently as possible. That is why when you start to see the ability to tap into new technologies you do need to take them, but you also need to be sure that others both inside and outside of the organization are comfortable with the process as well.

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