Consumers with a chip on their shoulder

Consumers hold grudges, someone treated them badly, someone was rude to them or the food wasn't that good.

It's unreasonable but who said consumers are rational? And why shouldn't they be a bit unreasonable with their hard earned money and attention.

That's why firms need to ask forgiveness, 'under new management' signs signal that things have changed, maybe time for a revisit.

Surveying, asking people who didn't buy, why didn't you? And just listening (rather than defending) any issues they had. This helps the grudges disappear and the last bad experience replaced with a great experience, one that they will have no grudges about.

This is the mark of a great company if you can identify and overcome consumer grudges.

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  • John says
    Consumer grudges are NOT irrational!They constitute learning from experience and are an effective form of social/political action - they punish the poorly-run businesses! If you get poor service, or buy an expensive hamburger that was not worth the money or was misleadingly advertised - say depicted as having more or better quality ingredients or bigger than it really is, the intelligent consumer gets a grudge and loses trust - it is the stupid one that gets 'taken in" over and over again! The problem is that accountants have not recognised the force. If Goodwill is an intangible asset, then consumer grudges are a liability that accountants should value as part of a balance sheet.
  • Bobby says
    What gets me off is when there is no form of response to a serious matter. Some companies give product vouchers, other's a sincere apology. When nothing happens, one starts to wonder if anything will be done about it, or if the mistake was actually their norm. If a company does change hands, perhaps it would be nice to know about it, or the prejudice will remain.
    • Chris says
      The flip side is, a lot of consumers are just jerks... I don't know if you have been on the receiving end of a complaint that was nothing at all?

      I always hold grudges as a consumer.. if I am truely messed around, but also know the other side too...
    • Michael says
      "Consumers hold grudges, someone treated them badly, someone was rude to them or the food wasn't that good."

      How is that irrational or unreasonable? If the customers are paying and have not received the level of service they expected then why arent they entitled to be grumpy?

      Granted, there are some customers that are more difficult to deal with than others, but the majority of people only hold grudges because they FELT they were badly treated. Some may hold unreasonable expectations but you can't say consumers are irrational.

      If you think cosumuers are irrational and unreasonable then perhaps you are not really fit to give out advice to businesses on how to win their customers back
    • Peter T says
      From personal experience I had a $100 food voucher which was valid for 3 months from date of sale. It was dated 1/3/2010. I tried to redeem it on 1/6/2010. The restaureur said it expired on 31/5/2010. I disagree. You ask yourself what is 3 months from today. I will never EVER spend any money at that restaurant AGAIN!!!

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