4 Gambling Trends We Expect to See in 2022

Gambling has moved at a rapid pace ever since the industry utilized the internet to its advantage. When it combined online services with traditional, brick-and-mortar offerings, the market hit a value that hasn’t been seen before. And it shows no signs of stopping.

The big question is, what can we expect to happen in 2022? Advancements are inevitable, yet it’s hard to second guess how operators and customers will react. With that in mind, these are the four major betting trends you will probably experience at some point this year.

More Payments Will Be Made in Cryptocurrencies

The benefits of cryptocurrencies haven’t changed. They continue to provide a safe and secure platform for players to deposit and withdraw money, which is why they have boomed in popularity in recent years. What has changed is the number of people who own the likes of Bitcoin and Ethereum.

For example, 16% of Americans report they have invested in, traded or used cryptocurrency in a 2021 Pew Research Center survey. Across the Atlantic, about 2.3 million Britons hold cryptocurrencies, highlighting the global nature of the technology. As more operators accept cryptos, directly and indirectly (via e-wallets), cryptocurrency transactions will begin to catch up to credit, debit, and e-wallet payments.

Remote Games Will Venture into New Areas

Remote gambling has already permeated industries to a large extent. Take smartphones and tablets, otherwise known as mobile devices. Pre-2010, most mobile games were basic, such as Snake and Snake II. In 2022, any mobile online casino worth its salt provides offerings from slots to blackjack, poker and bingo.

If you assume there isn’t much room left for growth, you are mistaken. An excellent sector for remote gambling involves wearable tech, like watches. Valued at around $33 billion, wearables are lucrative, but they also dovetail perfectly with online casinos. As long as you have an internet connection, you will be able to access libraries or place bets on sports and eSports markets.

Investing in Land-Based Casinos

The casino industry strategy is focused on mobile at the moment, and it’s not hard to tell why when you evaluate the figures. Still, the sector is made up of different parts, including brick-and-mortar establishments that were once the darling of players. Unfortunately, their popularity has diminished.

That doesn’t mean they won’t have a part to play. After all, casinos are expected to be built throughout the US - not just Las Vegas and Atlantic City - and they can be installed with the latest developments. Places like Vegas and Macau need gambling yields to improve after taking a hit, and the best way to do that is to encourage gamblers back to the tables.

Better Bonuses

Promotions are integral to online casinos since they help customers choose between different operators. Even better, they are sustainable thanks to the size of the market. Therefore, bonuses won’t suddenly fall off the face of the Earth.

If anything, casinos are bound to double down to ensure players remain loyal. As a result, you can expect more added value in the future, which is something you shouldn’t turn down if you want to maximize your betting pot!

Keep your eyes peeled because all of these trends might affect you in 2022.

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