When should you get an eye test?

I caught up with OPSM’s Regional Eyecare Manager, Matt Whiting, to find out why and when you should get an eye test.

According to Matt, any reduction in vision, or reoccurring headaches can be attributed to loss of eyesight, but with many eye conditions, like glaucoma, there are no symptoms until irreversible damage has already been done.

Glaucoma takes away your peripheral vision and eventually total eyesight loss can occur is it goes untreated. Glaucoma cannot be cured, but optometrists can prevent it from getting worse. Glaucoma, and many other eye conditions are the reason it is so important to get regular eye checks at least every two years, especially if you are over forty years old. 

Regular eye tests don’t just pick up eye conditions. High blood pressure and diabetes can both be picked up on from the back of the eye. Getting regular testing can help diagnose these issues before you start to feel other symptoms.

Even if you have never had an eyesight issues, it is important to look after your eyes.

How to look after your eyes:

- Go for a eye check at least every two years

- wear sunglasses to protect from UV radiation

- If using a computer for a sustained period of time, give your eyes regular breaks. Look into the distance every five – ten minutes to relax your eyes

- If you notice any sudden changes in your vision, get a check up

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