Regrow your foreskin

How to re-grow a foreskin

Many circumcised men are discovering they can return their bodies to a more natural, intact state. Working on the principal that skin will grow when gently but continuously stretched, the process can take several years to complete. While a "restored" foreskin (or prepuce) will never be as good as the original, many men both on the journey and at its end report great satisfaction in sensitivity and emotional completeness.


   1. Soul-search. There are many reasons why a man would choose to restore his foreskin. Some people prefer the look of the intact member (think Michelangelo's David). Others resent not having a choice as with infant circumcision. Many men seek the great increase in sensitivity reported by restored men. Whatever the reason, a man should ask himself if he is ready to undertake a project that will take years to complete and permanently affect the most personal area of his body.
   2. Research. There are many methods to restoring the prepuce. Some cost nothing (manual tugging) and some require expensive ($40 to $300) equipment. Choosing a method will depend on many factors, including:

  • comfort
  • cost
  • ease of use
  • level of commitment
  • type of activity throughout restoration time (work, exercise, etc.)
  • the amount of "extra" skin (i.e. skin folds) a man currently has
  • certain activities like sports can dictate method
  • whether there is more shaft or mucosal skin. Shaft skin is from the scar line to the base and is called "outer" skin. Mucosal skin goes from the corona of the glans to the scar. Since this skin will fold against the glans and therefore be "inside" the prepuce, it's referred to as "inner" skin. Note: the point where these two skin types meet is referred to as the "point of equilibrium." For most men, the POE is their circ scar.

3.Choose the method that's right for you. For instance, a man who uses a public shower or locker room may prefer a device that can be donned and removed quickly and inconspicuously. A college student with roommates and not much money may prefer manual tugging. Only those men already with some loose skin can use certain methods, like O-Rings and Foreballs.

  • Manual Tugging - using fingers to gently but firmly stretch skin out and over the glans. Usually done for 15 minutes a time three or four times a day. Cheapest, easiest and least conspicuous method.
  • T-Tape - medical tape formed into a "T" shape (side view) then wrapped around the member and drawn forward over the glans. Comfortable and effective, this method suits many restorers and can be worn 24 hours or more, including during sleep. Drawbacks include time to apply and remove, discomfort when removing and the lack of spontaneity when amorous.
  • O-Rings - simple rubber gaskets available at most hardware stores. Shaft skin drawn over the glans and fed through the ring naturally pulls back, applying tension as the ring and skin draw back against the (wider than ring) glans. This method requires more loose skin than many beginning restorers have. One major benefit is that it can speed dekeratinization of the glans, increasing sensitivity.
  • CATIIQ - short for "Constant Applied Tension II Quick," this device pulls and pushes simultaneously for both inner and outer skin growth. Goes on and off very quickly. It's available online and at ebay for around $US40.
  • DTR - short for "Dual Tension Restorer," this device pulls and pushes simultaneously for both inner and outer skin growth. It's available online at about $US80.
  • Canister or Pill Tube - by cutting the bottom from a cylinder (35mm film canister), the user can draw shaft skin over the plastic and tape it in place. By attaching a wire, the user can apply tension with an elastic band around the knee or leg. Stuffing the cylinder with cotton and capping it can apply 'inner' tension as well. While cheap, easy and effective, this method requires the user construct the device and use tape.


  • Every person and every circumcision is different, from body types to the amount of skin removed. Choose the method that's right for you. This may require experimenting with several different methods and even changing methods as you progress.
  • It's a long road. Join a discussion group (several are available online, see to stay encouraged and motivated.
  • Each method has its proponents and has proven to work. Your discussion group will doubtlessly have great feedback for you. Wikipedia briefly discusses several methods at:

   4. Get started! Start slowly. It takes some getting used to and LOTS of commitment. Try several different methods and find the one right for you. Though some men report initial gains, don't expect to see immediate results. Remember, the race goes not to the swift nor the strong but to he who endures to the end!

   5.Start a digital photo diary. While it sounds like a strange idea, many men who don't start one end up regretting not having "before" pictures. Because the process is so long, you won't notice gradual changes over months of work. But pulling up an image from last year can really surprise you. Get extreme close ups (member should fill the frame) from the front and each side. Take one set of pictures a month and remember to date the photos. Use the same location and lighting conditions every time. Store them on a computer only you have access to or password-protect their location.


  • This article should not be used as a substitute for professional medical advice and care. Be sure to visit your doctor regularly for checkups, and seek the advice of a qualified medical professional for more information on this or any medical issue. Doctors can join DOC, Doctors Opposing Circumcision, at
  • Don't overdo it! Putting too much pressure on skin will damage it, possibly permanently. The principal here is SLOW, STEADY, GENTLE applied tension. You want mitosis, not stretching.
  • Many myths and negative connotations abound about foreskin, especially in the United States, where having one is still rare. Your partner may need a little convincing that this is the right choice. While the opinion of your partner is important, remember that it's YOUR choice.
  • Further research will likely take you to websites with graphic images of male anatomy. Though non-sexual, they can be disturbing to co-workers and are inappropriate in public areas.
  • Some religions, like Judaism and Islam, require circumcision. While many groups within these religions dissent (many Jews now question bris or brit milah, see, a man considering restoring should also consider his beliefs.


  • Tug Ahoy - silicone plug is placed against the glans and shaft skin is pulled up over the plug, holding it in place with a soft rubber cap. The wearer then applies an elastic strap to the Tug Ahoy and around the knee or leg, applying pulling tension.
  • TLC Tugger - silicone plug is placed against the glans and shaft skin is pulled up over the plug, holding it in place with a soft rubber cap. The wearer then applies an elastic strap to the TLC and around the knee or leg, applying pulling tension.
  • MySkinClamp - made from medical-grade stainless steel, this device functions similarly to the CATIIQ and DTR.
  • Foreballs - requires some foreskin, which is drawn over one of the balls and taped in place.
  • PUD - the Penile Uncircumcising Device is placed against the glans, the skin is drawn over the PUD and taped in place. Weight of the PUD applies tension.
  • DILE - available since 1998, this device functions similarly to the CATIIQ and DTR.
  • RECAP - various models $US75 - $US150.
  • Trombone mouthpiece - used in the same manner as Foreballs and PUD, usually with medical tape to hold skin in place.
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  • I was circumcised at birth and thought nothing of being circumcised until recently. I was wondering why sex was not as much fun and why my penis was not as sensitive as it was when I was younger (I was 52). I have since restored my foreskin and life is good again. Sex is much better with a foreskin. My female partner used to get sore from sex and we needed lubricant. Now, she does not get sore and we don't need lubricant. We both enjoy sex a whole lot more.

    Foreskin restoration works. I mostly used manual tugging to restore my foreskin. See for information on the techniques that I used to restore my foreskin.
  • paula says
    wow this is amazing i never knew, poor guys well you know what to do now if you want your foreskin back :)
  • Never had one so don't miss the thing, just a collector for dead skin and whatever...

    And I reckon it definitely looks alot better without it.

    Never blamed my parents for making the decision for me either and had both my boys done.

    Maybe sex wasn't as much fun for Tally cause he was bl--dy 52 LOL not because he was missing his foreskin...
    • Restoring Tally says
      @Gibbo, if you read my post, you would have noticed that my sexual pleasure increased after I restored my foreskin. I was actually older than 52 when things improved for me. At 54 I enjoy sex more than when I was in my 20s.

      If you are happy with your circumcised penis, good for you. May you stay that way. But many guys, and their female partners, find that sex is better with a foreskin. If you have been circumcised your whole life you have no way of knowing if it would be better if you had a foreskin. Also, I was in my forties before I noticed that things were not as good. If you are younger than that, then your best days may be now. Enjoy them and hope that you do not lose much sensitivity as you get older.
    • New Member says
      Happy without one for many years now, why change??
    • barnes10 says
      Still got mine but would mind another couple of inches!!! LMAO!
    • Mary says
      I can't stop laughing. Being female, well the images in my head are a hoot. Good luck guys. Many happy hours of tugging.
    • Prettyboy says
      I got my cut off and I use it for a fan belt on my car! old joke but very funny!!!!!!!!!!!

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