Detoxification diet: what is the benefit of doing one?

Kerris Samson

Kerris Samson has set up a website on all matters relating to detox diets, including the types that can be used and information on when they should be used and why they should be used. It also provides you with information on any of the side effects etc that are associated with using detox diets.

One of the more common cleansing diets available is a detox (detoxification) diet. This type of diet releases the toxins that have stored up in the fat cells of the body and allows the body to remove them and cleanse them out of the body’s systems. But why do people use a cleansing or detox diet? It is really simple really, they use a cleansing/detox diet to eliminate the toxins and other contaminants from their bodies and they do this to for the following reasons:

1. It helps to improve their health.
2. It makes them feel more energetic.
3. It helps to improve their immunity system.
4. Many people have found that it improves their mental processes.
5. It aides their body’s digestive system.
6. Has helped with weight loss.

There are many ways in which you can carry out a cleansing diet and below are a few you could try.

Firstly there is the complete fast. This would mean that you do not eat or drink at all; in fact all you do is drink just water. Or if you want you could just drink water and juice

There are various ways to do this.

Then there are other diets where you only eat certain foods, but it will have to consist of fresh fruit and vegetables and then there are some that will consist of you just drinking liquids. There seems to be a number of variations on these sorts of detox diets around.

Another way of carrying out a detox diet is to use herbs. In fact herbal cleansing has been around since ancient times and there are certain herbs that can be used to help release and excrete the toxins from our bodies.

There are other detox diets that you can use which are known as reduction calorie diets as they specifically designed for reducing calories and so aid weight loss.

But the most common sort of detox diets that are available is those that are composed mainly of fruit and vegetables, and preferably they should be eaten raw and unmodified or processed. It is also recommended that you drink more water and you should abstain from drinking alcohol.

But you must be careful as a detox diet can cause some side effects. For example if you use a diet where the toxins are rapidly released into the bloodstream, this could result that your body is more likely to have problems getting rid of them and this is known as the Herxheimer reaction.

Some of the symptoms you will feel if this occurs are headaches, pains in your muscles, weakness, difficulty sleeping (insomnia) and irritability.

This name is given to the body’s condition when detoxification occurs quickly and your body does not have enough time to actually release the toxins and you will find that some detox diets will produce this effect. Very often a lot of people will stop such detox diets as they think it is making them worse rather than better, when in fact if they continue with the diet the symptoms they are feeling will soon reduce and they will start to feel healthier.

There are a number of ways that people have used which seem to help lessen the symptoms of this reaction and they are:

1. They drink as much pure water as they can as this helps to flush out the toxins.

2. They start taking more exercise as this will help to improve the circulation of the body and to help it work more efficiently. Because the body is able to work more efficiently it is able to remove the toxins faster.

3. Ensure that they get as much natural sunlight as they can.

4. Look at taking a detox bath.

5. Look at using saunas, baths and various herbs to increase sweating.

6. Always where possible avoid refined processed foods and toxic environmental chemicals.

7. Use aromatherapy oils that are used by many to help with the relief of aches and pains which can be brought on by rapid detoxification.

Detox diets have been used since ancient times and they can regularly help to improve your health and make you feel better. Although some people will do a detox diet on a regular basis others will only use them seldomly. However, if you should wish to use a detox diet, you should always exercise with care and if you need to consult your doctor before starting one as occasionally the side effects can be severe. You should especially consult your doctor if you suffer from any metabolic disease such as diabetes.

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  • KH says
    I wouldn't mind giving this a go at some point.
  • Reno says
    Might be a good idea if I try this out some time. Would probably do wonders for me haha.
  • A flatmate of mine took an annual fast. Well, a month of nothing but vegetable and fruit juice. He did this every year he said. By the end of it his energy levels were so high he could only sleep for 2 or 3 hours each night. Interesting to witness.
  • DeviousX says
    Detox diets are a waste of time. your liver and kidneys detox the body.. that's what they are designed to do :)

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