Clean teeth, without the dentist visit

Dental hygiene is something that tends to be habit for most people – brush morning and night, and once in a while drag yourself down to he dentist for that dreaded dental appointment, that most of us have put off for (at least) six months. The problem is, even those of us who brush regularly will invariably end up needing something done at the dentist, which is why we hate going so much!


World Oral Health Day is on the 12th of September, and aims to increase oral health awareness. So, in the interest of finding a way to keep my teeth clean and healthy, without having to worry that my next dentist visit would end up with fillings anyway, I tried out Philips’ Sonicare FlexCare + toothbrush. Or, what my family has now dubbed “the toothbrush on steroids”.

Philips Sonicare FlexCare + doesn’t need that much toothpaste, and in fact I strongly advise against putting to much on, because spitting during the two minute cycle is not particularly easy. For the same reason, I also recommend putting the toothbrush in your mouth, before you turn it on, unless you want to lose your toothpaste all over the mirror…

Once I’d got around this particular problem, I found the toothbrush itself quite fun to use. It has a two minute timer that buzzes every 30 seconds to let you know to move to the other side of your mouth. It also has several settings, including a refresh mode for when you’re in a hurry (one minute’s worth of brushing), and gum care for those with problem gums.

The real question of course, was, did it actually clean my teeth? I can honestly say that the only time my teeth have felt cleaner was after I had visited the dentist. The shape of the brush means that you can get right to the back teeth, and you can really get in between teeth, limiting the amount of flossing you have to do after. It also has a UV brush sanitiser for germaphobes, meaning that not only are your teeth clean, so is the actual toothbrush!

This toothbrush ticks all the boxes – easy to use, cleans really well, and being something of a novelty, makes cleaning your teeth fun, rather than a chore. The only downside is the price. At $299.95, and $39.95 for three replacement brush head (of which you’ll need one new brush head every three months), it’s certainly a little hefty on the wallet when you consider that most people grab a $2 toothbrush from the supermarket once every couple of months. Of course if you think about how much you have to pay to get that filling at the dentist, $299 really doesn’t seem like that much of a cost at all! And if you’re a not a fan of going to the dentist, like me, you really can’t put a price on clean, healthy teeth.

Philips Sonicare Flexcare + Specifications:

 - Unique sonic technology reaches deep between teeth and along gumline
 - Improves gum health within two weeks
 - Two-minute timer helps ensure recommended brushing time
 - Includes UV brush sanitiser for a cleaner brush and better oral health
 - Kills 99% of viruses/ bacteria on brush head by sanitiser


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  • These brushes are awesome... i have an Oral B but same sh*t different packaging lol, in my opinion they do clean a lot better and more thoroughly then the manual toothbrushes and with 2min timers on them you always sure you're brushing them long enough. chur!
  • DJ says
    I have this toothbrush set and its really good, it comes with sperate rings so my partner and I can put on each brush and just use the main base! would never go back to a toothbrush now
  • DeeDee says tip is flossing.....always floss in between each individual tooth....brushing is major but in combination with flossing is magic for your gums......

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