Avoiding hangovers

Jennifer Marie Jordan

Jennifer Marie Jordan has a vast knowledge of wine etiquette, and writes articles on everything from how to hold a glass of wine to how to hold your hair back after too many glasses.

Avoiding a wine hangover

We've all been there. Those times in our lives when we swear that alcohol will never again touch our lips. These instances usually happen in the early mornings, with the cracks from the bathroom linoleum digging into our knees and our contact lenses glued to our eyeballs as if holding on for dear life, afraid that the heaves of our stomachs will cause them to fall out.



With alcohol freely flowing - booze oozing out of bottles, people professing their love for each other, glasses of wine practically filling themselves up - it's easy to forget the hangover that awaits in the coming hours. Lurking in the bathroom, hiding beneath the sink or behind a closed shower curtain, this hangover is sure to pop into our lives anytime we play the role of the unsuspecting partier, leaving us to swear off drinking for life or longer.

Though everything has a price, and a hangover may very well be the price we pay for a wild night out, drinking wine does not always have to cost you in the form of a hangover. Taking some precautions can mean the difference between feeling fine and shooting a beady eyed glare in the direction of every bottle in your wine cellar.

Drink water

Alcohol dehydrates you, which is why the next day is met with a headache and the ability to drink three bottles of soda, five liters of water, and a pot of coffee without ever having to pee. The best way to thwart this is to drink a glass of water for every glass of wine you drink. While wine does contain water, the alcohol in the wine trumps the water's affect, disallowing you to utilize duality and count a glass of wine as both water and alcohol. Drinking a glass of water for every glass of wine will keep you hydrated, decreasing the chances of a rough morning.

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  • Waples says
    Fortunatly iv had the luck of never having a hangover and i put it all down to snacking the hole night away on bar baskets cant beat your wedges and deep fried everything haha you stick to having a bit to eat while your drinking you should be sweet
  • Just keep drinking, I swear by it.
  • Darren says
    Big glass of water and two pain killers when you get home. Then eggs on toast in for breakfast in the morning!
  • I find redbull dose a great job with a couple of panadol thrown in

  • Harker says
    Have another drink!!!!!! Nah hydrate your self.
  • Paul says
    Bacon, Eggs, Sasuages, Tomatoes, Mushrooms and Steak - on the Barby for breakfast. Topped off with Dark glasses so no one can see. And then the Hot Flatmates' Hot friend turns up so you just HAVE to be cured!!!
  • Lots of green tea and anything with B vitamins in it - eating something decent could help. Best advice - just dont do it.........
  • Kevin says
    Don't Drink - Boring Eh!
  • Millie says
  • Cedric says
    Drink a Powerade at the end of the night. It will keep you hydrated so you don't get killer dries in the morning.

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