3 Simple Self-Massage Methods That Will Help You Always Feel Good

The theory of oriental medicine largely diverges from the opinions of traditional medicine. However, it is impossible to refute the effects of eastern practices, and statistics confirm this. Life expectancy in Japan and China is much higher than in European countries. As the Japanese say, the best medicine is laughter, and for a good mood, go to the casino.

In this article, you will learn about points on the body for massage. By influencing these points with self-massage methods, you can significantly prolong your life, get rid of diseases, and improve your appearance.

Longevity Point No. 1 from 100 Diseases, Zu-San-Li

Self-massage of this point is carried out with a finger pad, it should be done daily, preferably in the morning. It is believed that the impact on the point improves the blood circulation of the brain, the digestive system, and kidneys, fills the body with energy, and slows down aging.

Place your hand on your knee so that your fingers wrap around the knee joint. Under the ring finger, feel the recess, and here is the desired area for massage. Perform the pressure clockwise, painlessly, 8-9 times, and the same amount in the other direction.

Longevity Point No. 2, He-Gu

The point is considered universal, acting on it, you will get rid of lethargy and drowsiness, and gain energy and cheerfulness. He-gu self-massage will relieve toothache, and headache, help with otitis media and sore throats, provide general health improvement, and slow down the processes of withering.

Search: Bring your index finger and thumb together. A small bump was formed at the end of the interdigital fold, and a hollow was formed in the direction down from it to the wrist joint. This is the desired area for self-massage.

Longevity Point No. 3, Bi-nao

It's easy to find this zone. Just cross your arms on your chest, and your fingers will fall into the middle of the shoulder, these will be the points for self-massage. By acting on Bio, you will get rid of increased appetite, forget how to overeat, and lose weight. And excess weight is the main enemy of longevity.

The Benefits of Self-Massage

First of all, this will help to normalize the movement of fluids in the body, including lymph flow. Due to the active blood flow, fat is burned faster.

Self-massage cleanses the skin of dead cells, dust, and microbes, and improves skin nutrition. Massage enhances the excretion of salts, urea, and uric acid from the body.

What You Need to Remember When Massaging

Perform massage only with clean hands and only on a clean body. For better sliding, you can lubricate your palms with oil. Do not massage if you have signs of acute respiratory viral infections or skin diseases. Also, abdominal massage should be abandoned during menstruation and pregnancy.

For self-massage to be effective, it should be carried out regularly, at least 15 minutes a day. You can not massage the lymph nodes.


Self-massage is very useful, but it is important to perform it correctly. We hope that this article was useful to you and you will be able to apply this knowledge in practice.

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