Ultimate Detox Guide

The Ultimate Detox Guide: What is the Best Detox Diet for You?  


Detox diets are specifically designed to clear the body of toxins and waste. Think of them as an oil change for what’s under your body’s hood. And while some have merit, others take some serious mental gymnastics to pull off. Consider this post your Ultimate Guide to Detox Diets.

I’m currently attempting a super low-carb, no-processed-food, no-junk-food, no-sugar, no-fun diet. It isn’t easy. But I’m getting up there in age, and a steady diet of pretentious craft beers and garlic fries is taking a toll.

I’ll admit, restricting breads and sweets in a world where there are cafes on every corner is tough, but I’ve lost a little weight heading into the Holidays and I feel great. I may not be following a specific detox but I am following one of the Intermittent Fasting For Weight Loss Plan

The MAP Fast. Or My Action Project FAST is a specialised online nutritional program crafted by Qualified Nutritionists and other Health Professionals designed to curb the appetite and get lean fast. There are a variety of programs to suit most people and team at MAP are changing them up, so check it out online.

And that’s the trick to losing fat and detoxifying. Finding out what works best for you and using MAP’s Plans helps support the body’s natural detox process too.

The Master Cleanse, aka the Lemonade Diet

Do you ever get a hankering for a tall glass of freshly squeezed lemon juice, maple syrup, cayenne pepper, and water?

Yeah, me neither.

Yet, countless open-minded weirdos (can I say that?) have been gulping down this concoction for decades. And plenty of them swear by its ability to scrub the body of impurities and unwanted pounds (Beyoncé reportedly used it to slim down for her role in the film Dreamgirls).

The recipe is simple—mix two tablespoons of lemon juice, two tablespoons of maple syrup, 1/10 teaspoon of cayenne pepper, and 500 ml of water. You’re also allowed salt water and laxative-infused tea. Nice right!

And that’s your menu for a few days if you follow this detox to the T (just make sure you always have a bathroom in your sights).

I was able to suss out a few benefits. The lemon juice contains vitamin C. The maple syrup helps it sneak past your taste buds. Cayenne pepper has been shown to curb hunger (you’re definitely going to want that). And water is always good for you. It’s also cheap and light on the calories.

It’s obvious why it works for quick weight loss. Not many calories going in there!!!

Besides, there are tastier ways to detox.

Sugar Detox

Sugar—the world’s most beloved ingredient— is abused and overused.

I know it’s hard to hear, but it’s true. Studies show a relationship between a higher intake of sugar and cardiovascular disease. There are also known connections between a higher sugar diet and type 2 diabetes as well as liver disease.

And what makes matters worse is that sugar has infected every corner of the world.


It haunts the supermarket shelves we’d least expect. It’s in bread (including the whole-wheat variety), peanut butter, instant oatmeal, packaged tomato sauce, flavoured yogurt, and salad dressings.

Sugar also hides under dozens of different aliases like corn syrup, rice malt, and concentrated fruit juice. Notice the words corn, rice, and fruit? They almost make sugar sound healthy (not fair, sugar execs).

Saying sugar is hard to escape is an understatement. But if you know where to look it’s easier to pull from your diet. And once you do, you’re pretty much left with healthy choices.

Plus, nutrients—like vitamin A, which is important for the immune system, and vitamin D, which aids in calcium absorption—are fat soluble. That means your body needs fat to utilise these vital micronutrients. Kind of justifies the occasional strip of bacon, doesn’t it?

Giving up sugar can be a boon for your health. But if your sweet tooth can’t be ignored, I get it (you have no idea how much I get it). The best place to get your fix is fruit; it’s full of antioxidants, vitamins, and fibre.

But watch yourself—you can still overdo it.

The 5 Day RESET Weight Management Program

Ok, out of all the plans, and to be fair some call it a Detox - however this is probably one of the most popular. Over 300,000 people have experienced the RESET globally and the average is losing anywhere from 2 to 5 kg in 5 Days.

The 5-Day RESET Weight Loss Program is a calorie-focused program based on eating balanced, low-glycemic meals and whole-food snacks.

General guidelines:

  • Women should strive to consume approximately 1,200 calories per day
  • Men should strive to consume approximately 1,500 calories per day

Every day, you will simply replace 3 meals a day with a Nutrimeal shake, take your USANA Vitamin Products (included) and eat whole-food snacks. Choices are added in the program.

You may eat more snacks than are listed in the program. And you can mix fruit and vegetables or unsweetened milk (dairy or plant-based) in your Nutrimeal shakes for a little variety.

You can even juice up the Fibre a notch by adding USANA Fibergy to it. Be mindful with this Fiber product though, it’s a whopping 12g of soluble and insoluble Fibre per level tablespoon and with the Nutrimeal already having 8g of Fibre, now you’ve sucking back 20g fibre.

This ends up being a high protein and very fibrous Smoothie – now that’s colon cleansing to the max!

We’ve been reading that with the RESET, just make sure to keep your calories near the recommended amount, or you may not experience the results you want. Also try to limit your fruit to three servings a day – and no, fruit juice is not a fruit!

You will also want to turn off the TV and put down the phone and do some kind of low-impact exercise like walking for 20 to 30 minutes every day. In fact, just do this anyway, detoxing or not and no rocket science here…it’s simple. You’ll live longer.

Sleeping for 7-9 hours is also recommended. This will help keep you from looking for more snacks to help bump up your energy if you’re sleep deprived. And if you are sleep deprived, you can consume black coffee or tea while on the 5-Day RESET.

The Long-Term Detox

Most detox diets aren’t meant for the long haul. They’re more or less a reboot.

But your body was built to detox itself, and adding nutrient-dense foods to increase that ability can be a permanent change.

And there’s an endless amount of mouth-watering food and drinks to choose from.

High on that list is green tea. It’s awash in the antioxidant known as epigallocatechin-3-gallate (ECGC), which supports your liver health. And the liver is a big deal when it comes to clearing out the bad stuff.

Adding detoxifying foods to your diet can be a lifelong change if you fill your plate with your favourites.

And staying active helps, too. Every time you exercise, your body pushes out toxins. So dial up the treadmill—your liver shouldn’t have to do all of the work.

The human body was built to last. It’s simply a matter of out with the bad and in with the good. That’s why maintaining a balanced diet, getting enough exercise, and good supplementation is the key

Life in moderation may be the best detox diet of them all.

 For further information about effective detoxing contact one of the health professionals at https://www.myactionproject.com/

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