Interview: self-cured health guru Jason Shon Bennett

Jason Shon Bennett is a self-cured health researcher and expert on the power of foods and fasting, with a wealth of experience in these fields. He is a regular public and TV speaker throughout New Zealand and Australia, plus has spoken in South East Asia, Canada, Australia and the UK.

Jason is also the best-selling author of Eat Less, Live Long which has been included in the Whitcoulls Top 100 reads  – one of only five NZ authors to make the list!

Jason will be presenting at the Baby Show Wellington, on at TSB Arena from 22 – 24 May, where he’ll be speaking about “Ultimate nutrition during pregnancy, breastfeeding and for your baby”.

If a couple is trying to have a baby, what would you recommend they consider in terms of nutrition?

Simply eat like the centenarian cultures, who deliver the longest healthiest lives, with the lowest rates of disease. A local, seasonal, plant-based wholefood diet –rich in raw, soaked, sprouted and fermented superfoods, and good quality home-cooked meals. What you eat dramatically affects your fertility.

Does how a person eats affect their fertility?

Your diet and lifestyle has the biggest impact on how your genetics behave – your genetic expression. You are 90% genetic bacterial material! What you eat and habits such as bedtime, exercise, stress management and relaxation have massive impacts on your ability to conceive and carry a healthy baby. I worked with a good Aussie man called Steve on his health and he emailed me the following “Hi Jason, I just want to thank you for getting my life back. I now have endless amounts of energy and I feel incredible.  My sleep has improved out of sight. At 132kg my goal was to get to 90kg and I am now happily at 72kg. My wife and I had been trying to fall pregnant for six years. We were going to start IVF this year however three months into your advice, we fell pregnant naturally. Our first baby is due in three weeks! Also I’ve been a mild asthmatic all my life and that also disappeared half way through thelifeplan and I have not had an attack since”.

If people come and see you at the Baby Show in Wellington, what knowledge will they walk away with?

The key diet and lifestyle choices to support a healthy pregnancy, delivery and childhood.

Are there any foods you consider “superfoods” for a new baby?

Green vegetables and spirulina, after 6 months, just mix some 100% pure powder to their baby foods (preferably individual fruits and vegetables, cooked and blended up!) and they will grow and bloom with it. I did this with all four of my children and they absolutely flourished on it.  Filled with nutrition, but always alongside a plant-based wholefood diet – rich in fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, wholegrains and legumes (properly soaked and cooked of course!).

What’s your number one piece of advice for those looking to improve their health?

Your diet, lifestyle and environment are the most important factors – not your genetics. You control 97% of your health and longevity through the choices you make every day. I cured all my disease this way, you can to! Everyone is different and each person’s genes have a particular influence. However, here is the real kicker: you have the genes you have and the only thing you can control is the environment they live in and how they are expressed. This is mainly done through diet, lifestyle and environmental choices. I.e.; what you do and what you eat. Even the near-40-year Okinawa Centenarian Study has confirmed diet and lifestyle is what creates the centenarians — not genetics, good luck or good genes.

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