How Choosing a Weight Loss Diet Affects Your Entire Life

Weight loss is more than the shrinking numbers on the scale and is more than just about making your clothes fit better. You can't just change one major part of your life without it impacting every other part as well. A weight loss diet should change not only the way that you eat food but the way that you view it as well.

You will see food not as a source of emotional comfort or connection but as a way to energize and renew your body. You will view food as a building block, not the centerpiece to a table or the main focus to a holiday celebration, and as you start losing weight, you will also notice a number of other things about yourself as well. You will feel better mentally, emotionally, and physically. You will look better because of your improved health which will show on your skin, your hair, and your nails. You will be able to do more because you have more energy and are more alert. A weight loss diet may also lead you to make other changes in your life, too, perhaps by quitting other bad habits, getting out of harmful relationships or by actively pursuing goals that you had previously thought were unattainable.

Your weight loss diet may affect the others around you as well, including your friends and family. You might inspire others to join you in eating more healthfully or to join in on your evening walks after the final meal of the evening. Because you are potentially going to be serving as a role model, it is important for you to choose a healthy weight loss diet, one that gives reasonable weight loss but does so in a safe and steady manner.

There Are No Bad Foods

In the world of the weight loss diet, the words "bad food" should not be spoken. The minute that you say those words, the food is imbued with magical powers and suddenly it is all that you can think of. You daydream about talking cupcakes that flirt, wink and whisper your name, or great slabs of gooey cheese pizza that seem to be so visually potent that you can smell them. According to several recent studies, those dieters who put "cheat" days into their diet as part of their overall weight loss diet lost around 10% more weight than those who were trying to stay on the strict, straight and narrow all of the time. The theory, according to these studies was that the constant dieting and deprivation sent the ghrelin (hunger) and leptin (satiety) hormones out of whack, leaving you feeling constantly starving and unable to cope with the crushing cravings. (Source: Amy Capetta)

Portion control is a better strategy for your weight loss diet than trying to eliminate several foods or entire food groups, especially those that are actually necessary or are favorites. Doing so will only backfire, leading to the cravings that can be unbearable to deal with as well as stalling or shutting down the metabolism altogether. Every year, a new fad diet comes along and tries to eliminate one food group or another for the sake of losing weight quickly and easily. Fat busters tried to completely eliminate all sources of fat from the diet; however, it was soon discovered that the body actually needed fat and there are actually good fats to be had. The same has been tried for all sources of sugar, including fruits and many vegetables and other foods at one time or another.

There Is No One Perfect Food or Food Group

While there should be no bad foods mentioned in your weight loss diet, there should also not be one food that is entirely relied on either. A diet should have balance and variety. Make sure that all of the food groups are included, as well as all of the colors of the rainbow. Even the foods that are considered to be good and healthy can get boring if they are eaten the same way all of the time. For instance, roasted turkey breast is one of the best sources of lean protein; however, if you toss it in the oven, roast it and then eat it week after week after week, you will get bored and might make a bologna sandwich instead. Remember that jazzing up foods, even the best foods, with spices and herbs not only is a way to change their flavor without adding additional calories but gives the benefit of those spices as well. Saffron, for instance, which is typically added to rice dishes, may give protection against age related blindness by protecting the eyes from sunlight damage.

In every food group that is included on your weight loss diet, there will be better food choices and worse ones. For instance, while lean, skinless turkey breast is considered the tops, dark meat turkey is higher in fats and calories as is chicken, duck, goose, and pheasant. Fish, another healthy source of protein and Omega 3 fatty acids, should be selected with care because some varieties are considered to be more optimal than others. In addition, high levels of mercury in certain fish types make them potentially dangerous, especially for pregnant women, the very young, and the elderly.

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  • caroline says
    All in Moderation!!
  • marla says
    there are some 'not so good foods' , but if you get the things into your diet that are good for your body, indulging now and then in something 'naughty' is ok in my book. Add some quality excersize into your week and it's all good.
  • matt lark says
    Everything in moderation, including moderation ..

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