High Calorie Foods

It may seem hard to believe that some people are actually looking to PUT ON weight, but there are. Whether for health reasons, extreme physical conditioning, a temporary condition, a permanent condition or for muscle development, there are times when you or someone you know may need to put on some weight. High calorie foods are a great way to put on this needed weight.

While needing to eat high calorie foods may seem like a "piece of cake" (slight pun intended), it just not that easy. High calories should not mean empty calories. You can't simply eat donuts and candy bars all day and expect to meet your nutritional needs. Nor can you load up on sugary sodas. Sure these things have calories, but they will not fuel your body with necessary nutrients. You will achieve sugar highs, and sugar crashes, headaches and other physical ailments. If you are eating a diet high in fatty foods such as French fries, you will certainly pack on the pounds, but you will also be at risk for heart disease, increased cholesterol levels, diabetes and other health problems.

The important thing to realize when you are looking for high calorie foods is that DENSE foods are going to be higher in caloric count. For instance, while lettuce, cucumbers and tomatoes are all healthy, they also contain a lot of water. They are not very dense. So simply choosing healthy foods will not meet your high calorie food needs.

When you are searching for high calorie food, you also want to be sure to balance those calories with nutrition. Here are a few top high calorie foods to choose from:

Peanut Butter - you add some extra calories with peanut butter throughout the day. Spread some peanut butter on your whole grain toast in the morning. Or dip your apples in peanut butter for a mid day snack. Other snacks include putting peanut butter between some whole grain crackers or the old standby of peanut butter and celery.

Butter - Choose butter over margarines or butter substitutes, especially those made of saturated fats. Sauté your vegetables in butter (and add some cheese over the top for extra calories along with nutrition). Cook your eggs in butter. And of course, don't skimp when putting butter on your toast or whole grain rolls.

Breakfast Cereal - No, we're not talking the sugary sweet breakfast cereal you coveted as a kid! Remember, we are staying away from those sugar highs and lows. Do try some high calorie granola cereals that are packed with nuts and fruit. Add some whole milk, and you have a very nutritious, delicious and high calorie breakfast. You can also add some granola breakfast cereal to yogurt for a great snack or before bedtime treat.

Guacamole - Avocados by themselves are good high calories foods, but add a little sour cream and salsa, and you have a versatile condiment that you can use throughout the day! Add some guacamole to your eggs in the morning, use it as a spread on your sandwiches or wraps for lunch and add to the side of a large taco salad or cheese enchiladas for dinner.

Pure Fruit Juice - Fruit juice is loaded with nutritional content. It also happens to be a high calorie food (or drink rather). You can enjoy fruit juice in the morning, all day and even add it to a smoothie for a mid day or late night snack.

Nuts - Nuts are packed full of protein, nutrients and healthy fats. You can add nuts all throughout your day to add calories to your diet. Keep a baggie of nuts in your purse or car to munch on as you are running errands. Sprinkle almonds on your yogurt. Add nuts to a smoothie.

Dairy Products - Choose from a wide variety of healthy dairy products including milk, eggs, yogurt (especially Greek yogurt) and cheeses. Add cheese to your breakfast, lunch and dinner...and snacks, to increase calories throughout the day. Adding cheese to your vegetables is a great way to add calories to your fruits and vegetables. Snack on them together or melt cheese over vegetables. Try adding cream cheese as a spread to your whole grain sandwiches or wraps. Yogurt is a great base for a smoothie, which can be used for breakfast or a snack.

Whole Grain Carbs - Again, we're looking to avoid the high sugars. Highly processed carbs in the way of white bread, white rice and potato chips are turned to sugar quickly in the body. Look for whole grain carbs such as 100% whole wheat bread, quinoa and whole grain rice. Try dipping whole grain crackers in hummus for a great mid day snack.

Other Healthy Carbs - Pasta, potatoes (not fried), yams and oatmeal are other examples of healthy carbs that can add calories. If you're hungry for some French fries, make a baked sweet potato version. Tasty calories without the fried and fatty pitfalls!

Omelets - The great thing about omelets is you can just keep adding on the items to increase your calories! It's a high calorie food you can make from high calorie foods! Start with eggs, cook the omelet in butter, add cheese, a variety of vegetables and some good protein, and you have a highly nutritious high caloric breakfast. You can also make an omelet for lunch or dinner.

Macaroni and Cheese - We're not talking pre-packed junk here! A good homemade casserole of any kind is great. A macaroni and cheese casserole full of cheese, pasta and butter is a satisfying comfort food that is also a high calorie food.

Protein Supplements - Another easy way to add high calorie foods to your daily diet is to incorporate protein supplements. You can make a great high protein supplement shake that isn't full of sugar, but has the calories you need. They are quick and easy too. Profect and Proasis from Protica are the perfect example of protein supplements, packed with plenty of protein for you. It is also available in several delicious flavors.

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