Xmas a Cracker

What would it take for you to really enjoy Christmas?

Christmas is nearly here. The shops are already full of tinsel and reindeer. If your blood pressure rises just thinking about it, if getting through Christmas feels like a chore, now is the time to start planning the kind of Christmas you can really appreciate.

You've got two basic strategies, and they work best if you employ them both. Let go of the ways of doing Christmas that stress you out, and deliberately invent the Christmas style that will work for you.

So how do you go about this? Here are some ideas that might get you started.

If they way you did Christmas last year made you cross, or tired or unhappy, that's a great reason to try something different this year.

Manage expectations. Let people know right now what you're interested in doing, and any limits you might be going to set. Keep your conversation focused on what you want to do rather than the opportunities you choose not to take.

Work out some natural beginnings and endings for activities so that they are about enjoyment rather than endurance. Rest and relaxation are just as important as feasting and festivity.

Celebrate the things that make a difference in your life. You might want to applaud your own achievements or praise qualities your children are developing. You might want to share memories or hopes with friends and family.

This is an excellent opportunity to let your family and friends know how important they are to you. Christmas offers an occasion you can use to mark the experiences that bring you joy.

Go to your celebrations with a clear idea of what you enjoy and value about every one there. Make a point of letting people know what you like about them. Do it early on and give good will a chance to be the flavour of the occasion.
When someone doesn't like your idea of a joy filled Christmas, or seems to be spoiling for an argument, take hold of your good will. That's the spirit of Christmas after all. Just assume you both have amiable intentions and decide it really doesn't matter if you don't agree. This is one occasion when you don't need to convince each other.

Christmas is a great opportunity to give priority to principles about togetherness and acceptance. If you feel like your choices are fighting or biting your tongue, you might try toasting the rich diversity amongst you. Acknowledging and even celebrating difference has a way of bringing people together.

You don't have to be run ragged by someone else's Christmas rulebook. Take the initiative, turn your creativity loose and choose a Christmas that offers you a genuine enjoyable celebration.

"Or you could just flag the hassle and go fishing! Wohoooo!"

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  • Nos4R2D2 says
    This will be my first Christmas without any friends or family. I do not wish to repeat this and hopefully it will give me a greater appreciation for all the people I have taken for granted in the past.
  • bryn says
    Christmas was the most exciting event of the year as a kid, and now that I'm grown-up, I'm somehow I still look forward to it with the same excitement I used to have even though I know the day itself will never be like it used to. Imagine how much cooler it would be if Christmas was still as brilliant as it was when we were kids! Getting sack loads of great stuff, running around like mad, getting ferried from place to place to get more pressies and more running around like mad. I think us grown-ups went wrong at some point!

  • janine says
    To have my friends and family around this xmas. I have had a really bad year.
  • Nicola says
    The perfect christmas to me would be one where I don't need to do anything and the family just came to our house and brought the food for a change instead of going to my families house and then my husbands families house.
  • for the greater good: for god's sake, just be helpful towards the wife/mother.
  • Laurelle says
    My family isn't a close knit family - I'll be lucky to get a Christmas card from anyone haha! So friends are the big one for me :)
  • Shell says
    This year it's all about "OUR" family. Instead of running from one to the other on Christmas Day - and not really having time to have our own special time - we have lovingly advised that we are unavailable until 10:00am Christmas morning. Our kids will no doubt be up at some ungodly hour - dying to see what Santa has left. and this will give Mum and Dad time to open our eyes properly and enjoy that special Christmas Snuggle. Then time to sit amongst the wrapping paper, the twinkling Christmas tree lights and Christmas Music - with a stiff cup of coffee (or two) - and just enjoy the delighted little faces. After 10 - it's Open Home at our hosue with a BBQ and BYO. We'll provide the venue, the drinks and lots of Christmas Cheer. Room to bunk down overnight - and just a time for Reflection and a lot of laughter. Beats slaving over a hot stove and missing out on the fun.

  • Mark says
    Christmas this year is about family. Unfortunately with me losing my job, money has been an issue but that shouldn't be what Christmas is about.
    We're all going to be here at home celebrating TOGETHER....and that's what's important
  • Marley says
    I agree family and friends is the reason aye! We are doing as easy a day as we can to not have any stress.
  • Kris says
    Just to see the joy Christmas brings to my daughter makes me feels like a kid again

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