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Map of Wishes is a popular and interesting practice of wish fulfillment. The very preparation and process of making a Map will set you on the right wave and charge you with light energy that will help improve your life. Here is how to make a map correctly.

How a Map Works

Let's understand why this practice works. The principle of such a Map is based on visualization. When you are making a map, you already focus on your desires and choose pictures that embody what you want. 

Then when you have your Map in front of you, it is very easy to visualize your desires and focus on your goal. And the wishes come true!

If you have made a Map earlier, and you still have the old one, you should destroy it, but before that you should thank the Universe that your wishes have come true.

How to Make a Map

Start making your map only when you are in a good mood. Start with the Health sector first, and then the rest in any order.

A sheet of heavy paper should be divided into nine equal sectors. Look carefully at the photo, it shows everything clearly - which sector is responsible for what, and what pictures in each sector to place.

The Sectors


In this sector, there should be your picture. But not just any picture of yourself, but one that you associate with something pleasant and joyful.

Also in this sector we paste pictures associated with beauty, healthy lifestyle, sports. Include here pictures of people you want to be like or parts of pictures of people: a smile, shiny hair, taut abs, etc.


In this sector place photos that you associate with wealth, luxury. Don't stick pictures of money in your hands, as in this case it is not clear whether you are giving or receiving money.

It's better to put pictures of the house you want to have, appliances, etc. You can also add pictures of money of the denomination you want here and sign, for example: "I've hit a jackpot at a Woo Casino".


Here you should place pictures that you associate with recognition, honor, and award. If you want to become a famous writer, photos from an autograph session of a famous writer will do. =

Want to win a competition - place photos of awards, cups, medals. Most importantly, be sure to sign the pictures and be clear about what you're getting the prizes for.


If you are looking for love, you can enter pictures of happy couples and people you want your loved one to resemble.

Do not include photos of people you know or someone you are in love with (unless they are your husband/boyfriend) but with whom you are not together for various reasons.

If you already have a partner, photos of you together and your joyful experiences would work. You can also add pictures that you associate with a happy relationship.


If you don't have a family at the moment, you can glue on pictures which have the attributes of a happy family life as you see them: for example, parents and children in a cozy house.

If you're already a family man, your family photos with your husband/wife, children, grandchildren, pets would work here.


As the name implies, you should place pictures related to creativity in this sector. If you want to learn how to paint - glue a photo with a picture on an easel, to dance - a photo of a dancing girl, etc.


This section should be filled with pictures that relate to personal growth and learning.

If you want to graduate with honors, pictures of diplomas will do. If you want to graduate, you can place a picture of the school where you dream to study.


This is where you want to grow as a career, make a profit, get a raise, start your own business, etc.

If you want to start your own business, choose pictures that are associated with the theme of your desired business. If you want your business to grow actively, stick a picture of queues in front of the store, for example.


In this sector, place pictures of cities and countries you want to visit (or even move to). It is important to sign these pictures, indicating in what time period and with whom you want to visit these places.

You should also put pictures of your friends in this section if you want to communicate with them or see them more often and have a good time. If you want to make new friends, choose pictures related to friendship: girlfriends, friendly companies, etc.

How to Use the Map

When you have glued and signed the pictures into sectors, write on the back of your Map: "My wishes come true in the way that is best for me and for the good of everybody."

Place your Map so that you can see it, but at the same time hide it from prying eyes, for example on the inside of your closet door or in your bedroom.

Regularly review your wish collage, imagining that your dreams have already come true. Focus on the feelings you have about it.

If you want to add something to your wish board, paste in additional pictures, most importantly, sign them with clearly articulated wishes.

Do not show your Map to other people. If you hang it on the wall, when guests come, put it away somewhere else. Or initially place it where only you will see it (for example, in the bedroom).

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