How to find our True Inner Peace

Inner peace is not something that just hermits, yogis and monks look for where they live far away, pray and meditate all day. Any ordinary person living an everyday life, who is married with kids, single or who has a job can attain it.

What is Inner Peace?

Inner peace is a state of being totally in mental and emotional peace without disturbing or restless thoughts. You are in control of your mind, mood and reactions.

To find true inner peace, you have to make yourself independent of external circumstances and conditions. It confers inner harmony, tranquility and balance where you have the ability to remain in control, undisturbed and calm even during unpleasant and difficult situations.So how do you find this inner peace?

Find Yourself

You first have to connect from within through ongoing learning, reflection and growing. Keep a 'self-love' journal and write in it every day. Go out and be one with nature. Sit on a meditation cushion and meditate without having your daily to-do list running through your head. Roll around on your yoga mat. Basically, have the mindset of gratitude. Create yourself a morning ritual where you drink a cup of tea while spending a half hour each day with your favorite book. Walk your dog; connect with your breath, breathing out all your stress and worries.

Focus on Learning

Whatever path you take will never be easy and you will stumble every once in a while and feel pain, however, be watchful of your responses and reactions to them. Keep your focus on learning to control yourself during the pain or else it will take hold of your inner peace and make you miserable and restless. Make life easier for yourself. If you are a college student, for instance, grab hold and take advantage of services such as instead of stressing all week about writing that unpleasant essay paper.


Back to meditation...the quality of your thoughts will determine the beauty you experience in life. These thoughts will be what set you free from your everyday busy and occupied mind that can sometimes dwell on your insignificance and smallness. This triviality causes self-indulgence, stupidity, shortsightedness and destructiveness which ultimately break your inner peace. Meditation is a great tool to get away from all of this. It can take you to an extraordinary stillness where you can relish in peace.

Go for a Walk

There is nothing better than fresh air to promote peace of mind. Go outside and get your blood pumping and enjoy that beautiful sunshine.

Surround yourself with Positive

What do you allow yourself to focus on? What are the images you display in the front of your mind? What are you watching on the TV? The images you allow in front of you should be in alignment with the type of life you are looking to create. Surround yourself with positive. Understand that life is real and there will be realities that aren't so pleasant, but don't let them consume you. Choose visual affirmations, images and experiences that will make you smile and inspire you.

Write Down your Worries

If you are worried or upset about something, writing it down will allow you to clear it from your mind. You can always work on them later, but you no longer have to have them hanging around in your mind. Write them down with your reassurance and self-knowledge. Often we react in tempers and explosive outbursts, where we often disproportionate their importance. When we are upset about something, because our feelings are extremely powerful in the moment, we often find it challenging to put it in perspective. It only takes a few days for these strong feelings about it to subside.

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