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When we are faced with a crisis or struggle we often despair.

Lonely Man

But it’s in this struggle that the best opportunities emerge. If we’re keeping our eyes open.

A crisis is an opportunity to change grow learn reflect and become better. It’s where we discover who we are and how we can find a new way we couldn’t have imagined before the crisis presented itself. It allows us to practice patience and acceptance and find renewed hope — which is the most beautiful thing.

When I’ve lost my job it was an opportunity for reinvention and to strike out on my own.

When I’ve lost a family member to the unrelenting grip of death it was an opportunity to reflect on that loved one’s wonderful life and for our family to come together in a way never possible before.

When I failed at work I learned to improve and grow better.

When I injured myself I learned patience and new ways to be healthy.

When my children throw tantrums they are teaching me more patience and the power of raw emotions and the wonder of childhood and what happens when you lose perspective.

When my wife and I had arguments it was an opportunity to learn more about each other and grow closer and become better at finding common ground.

When I moved and missed my family on Guam terribly it was an opportunity to learn introspection and self-sufficiency and grow closer to family here in the States.

When I daily face the terror of the void staring at me face to face it is my chance to push back and assert my will and imprint my soul upon this malleable world.

And that my friends is beauty. It is the finding of renewed hope and growth when all else seems bleak and lost.

In the struggle is the possible if we dare to look.

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  • Steff S says
    onwards and upwards they say. no point dwelling in the troughs. psychologically, talking to somebody is one way of lifting the burden, and often getting a different perspective on things.
  • Kim says
    Great article and so true.
    Three of my favourite 'life quotes'...
    "When opportunity doesn't knock build a door."
    "Failure is not the falling down but the staying down."
    "When you're getting tired, hurting inside and think you can't go on ... think again because it's tough, but not as tough as you"

  • paul says
    So so true. I recently lost my job, one I've had for more than 25yrs. I was in a state of panic and wondered what I was going to do as I've been in my proffession for so long and that was all I knew. I went to a recruitment agency who quickly threw my into several jobs where I felt lost. they did this due to my 20 odd years with machinery. I had though my expertise in what I made was my expertise. It wasn't it was the precission work I did using machenery. I then learnt I did hold more skills than I actually realised! I am still with this recruitment agency and they pride thme selves sending me along for work placements due to my 20 odd years of machenery use and repairmanship. I've totally changed my mind set now and am open to more in the way of job's instead of I was experienced in just what I was manufacturing.
  • carmar89 says
    I am a manic depressive (Bipola Disorder), and I have faced several crisis over the years, from rape, muggings, physical & mental abuse from Parents to ex-husband. And with everything I have learnt, that the skills I needed to overcome the problems were inside me. Okay I have done counselling, and various self-help courses, but the best healer was helping others. It showed me that my life was never as bad as it could be. I have done volunteer work for nigh on thirty years now and I won't stop. May it help others the same way.
  • I wish that society respected peoples mental health as much as physical health - that it was as open a topic. Its hard going through it as well as being the partner or family member of someone struggling somewhat.
    Being able to acknowledge the presence of these without it being a release of ones 'power' or strength - I think that would be the greatest help to those of us in it.
  • Kiwi Gas says
    This rings particularly true in the business environment where every setback is a genuine learning opportunity. Turn this into an action and you will be one step closer to future success.
  • monstar says
    People need to love themselves and have respect for themselves. If you learn from the wrongs in your life you can make them right.
  • James says
    Always like anything positive that helps people get thru and come out the other end a better feelin person. I was diagnosed with PTSD 3 yrs ago after working overseas for over a decade, was offered happy pills, therapy(from someone i couldnt listen to as i felt all they said they read in a book, naff to that< if ya aint been there and done it, you no nought>), the pills didnt work, couldnt sleep, nightmare after nightmare, any noise set my anxiety levels thru the roof, was an absolute misery to be around, withdrew from society completely, only time i would venture outside(in over 2 yrs) was wen under the influence of alchohol and felt brave enuff to face them all. any other time outdoors in public, always felt like everyone was staring at me, talkin behind my back about me, was absolute crap time. my partner stood by me and supported me thru all this ,,,,hell on earth? we had to sleep in seperate beds as during my nightmare episodes, would get very violent, then threw the happy??? pills away, searched for and found natural remedies that seem to work (for me), my anxiety, panic attacks, nightmares, sleeplessness still exist, but are no longer the misery they were b4, i guess i cope better, i cry a lot, something i never wouldve b4, and no longer feel ashamed or embarrassed to. still workin on the sexual side of things, wen i first started doing my job, was told i was going to be swapping my penis for a gun(sorry bout the crassness but is truth), and man, wasnt he not lying, i have the sex drive of a coathanger(although ive never asked a coathanger how sexy they feel,lol), but finding intimacy a lot more enjoyable than wen i couldnt even stand the touch of another human being, so to any who are in the same boat(doesnt have to involve workin overseas guys), all is not lost and gone, juswt takes time, trust in others, ability to accept GENUINE help from others who sincerely offer it and a bit of will to survive and smile again,
    hope this may help even one more lost feeling soul, and may your day always give you one even tiny thing to smile about and appreciate being here for

    James Cather
    New Zealand
  • New Member says
    this is fantastic positive information to put out there for our whanau. There are so many struggling with mental health big or small so every little bit of positive info helps everyday
  • barnes10 says
    Just when I feeling depressed and bitter I turn on the news and it makes me remember that someone else has got it alot worse than me , so keep your chin up and stay positive.

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