Creating a vision

Jay Lincoln

Jay Lincoln is a holistic life coach.

Ever thought of creating a vision for your life? Now I’m not talking about setting goals. I am talking about a vision of how you see your life in general for the future. Before we look at ways you can do this, I need to help you understand the difference between setting goals and a vision. So first what are goals?

Goals are short term action steps to achieve a bigger picture of what you desire from life! We can use goals to help us achieve a vision for our life. One thing we need to be very aware of, is that if we set too many goals or become too focused on achieving a goal, we can miss the opportunity of living our vision. Most people when setting goals, write what the goals are then action steps to achieve the goals. They do this in a number of areas and before you know it you have five or six goals and so much work to do to achieve them - you miss living life.


Please do not think I am saying that goals are not good, because yes, goals do have a place and can work well. I just ask you to create a vision of your life first, then use goals to help you achieve your vision.

What is a vision?

A vision is an overall view of how you see life. This will include emotions, feelings, beliefs, perceptions, achievements, etc. I look at this like a movie or story or a picture that expresses and describes your life. A vision is not very specific to an outcome, yet incorporates a lot of overall outcomes. There is also no time frame on a vision as the vision can be what I call a ‘living document’. You can add or subtract to a vision all depending on what is happening for you. I remember a saying I once heard in a movie.

“Life is dancing between mandatory and miracles”

I wonder what they mean by mandatory and miracles?

Mandatory I would see as being our everyday life, like work, paying bills, housework, food and every thing we do, or have to do, to stay alive.

Miracles I would see as things that are different yet do not have to be big. An example would be meeting a stranger and stopping to talk to that person then finding out that they could help you in some way. Then I suppose there is wining lotto, or a house etc. No matter what it is - big or small, we could call it a miracle.


Okay back to creating a vision. (A note of caution before doing this exercise would be to make sure you do not become overly specific about the detail.)

Step 1
Take time to go somewhere quiet or even a special place and allow yourself to dream about life. Play a video inside your head of living this life. Even imagine how you will feel being in this life. Look at the people that are sharing this with you. What are the colors that surround you? Where are the events taking place? What is the energy you feel? Keep playing this over and over, allow this to become very clear in your mind, what you are seeing and even what your body is feeling.

Step 2
Once you become very clear about the above write it all down on a piece of paper. You can either do this by way of a story or just bullet points. Make sure you write everything down you see and feel. You need to become very clear in writing all of this down - and this may take a couple of days or even a week; you may want to practice step 1 over and over to become very clear about ‘what is your vision’.

Step 3 
Once all of the above has been done and you feel you have covered everything in this moment of time, paint or draw a picture or even a symbol that would represent what you have above. Make this painting or drawing very strong in meaning to what is above. Remember to add color, shapes, clarity, boldness, even words to cement in a meaning for you.

When you have completed this you can hang this somewhere where you will see it regularly or even place it somewhere you can access it to keep this a living document, the ‘Vision of your life’. Until next week enjoy the moment, and the next and the next…

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  • philip says
    I commend Jay for this article. It definitely is essential to know what one really wants to with ones life. However, we have always been brought up with the notion that 'passions are just passions, and not careers'. Where does vision stand in this statement? Does life really have time for passions and visions, or is the one real thing earning ones bread. Can hobbies be a vision? Can visions run your life?
  • Reno says
    I should consider renewing my goals and reevaluating my past ideas.
    I'd say I was following my past ideals pretty well.

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