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Hailing from Guam it's a pleasure to introduce Leo Babauta, who will be providing the frank community with inspiration and tactics on setting and achieving your goals each and every week, check out his blog Zen Habits

Some people say they never dream - which is a little like saying you never breathe or poo.

What they're really saying is that they don't remember their dreams. Director Richard Linklater (Dazed & Confused, Before Sunrise etc) made an excellent movie about dreams called Waking Life, (widely available on DVD) which fuses several different animation techniques to illustrate how tricky it can be to discern what is 'reality'. One of the major points of the movie is that you can control your dreams

 Interested? Always wanted to get to know Jessica Alba a little more... personally? Always wanted to fly like Superman? (Frank can personally attest to the unbridled exhileration of being able to fly in your dreams). If you are, you should go this this site for a complete 'how to guide' for how to control your dreams, or 'lucid dreaming' - being aware that you are dreaming. Just think of the possibilities of what you can do in your dreams, when your only constraint is your own imagination...

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