4 Ways to Relax After Work

For many of us, the 9 to 5 of the daily grind can leave us feeling burnt out and mentally exhausted at the end of the day. Worse still, many more of us inadvertently take our work home with us, fretting about problems we should have left behind in the office instead of taking the time to relax, recharge and recuperate.

If any of that sounds familiar to you, it’s important to know you’re not alone – but even more important to know how to break such a vicious and self-destructive cycle. Unwinding after work is key to maintaining robust mental health and ensuring you go back to your job the following day with renewed energy and vigor. Here are several ways that we’ve found can work for us – hopefully they do for you, too.


Unless you’re a fitness enthusiast, this suggestion might sound positively repulsive. After all, you’ve just spent the last eight hours slaving over your desk, so the last thing you want to do when you come home is tire out your body as well as your mind. However, exercising regularly is key to keeping in good physical shape, but it’s also important for your psychological stability, too. That’s because physical exertion can release endorphins, making you feel emotionally satisfied with yourself and your day.

Turn off the tech

Although everyone’s job is different, a significant majority of us spending the entirety of our working hours staring at a computer monitor – so it’s hardly helpful to continue that fixation on technology with either your television or smartphone screen after clocking off. For best results, take a walk in Mother Nature and let her healing properties reinvigorate you. Just be sure to leave your devices at home so you can enjoy your downtime without the fear of disruption or distractions.

Play a game

Enjoying a game is a great way to unwind and take a load off your mind. Whether it’s a board game, card game or computer game you can share with friends and family or a crossword, jigsaw puzzle or visit to an online casino that’s better played alone, games are so powerful in washing away the cares and stresses that have accrued throughout the day. Ideally, it should be something that stimulates your attention without overly taxing your mental faculties, otherwise you could become even more tired than before.

Practice mindfulness

Although it is enjoying a wave of popularity at the moment, meditation is a practice that is centuries old and has served people from all walks of life incredibly well in grounding themselves in the moment. Indeed, constantly worrying about the past (the workday just gone) and the future (the one to come) can create enormous amounts of tension in your brain, so practicing mindfulness by focusing on the here and now is a fine way to sidestep those issues.


It can be difficult to create a work-life balance that functions well for you, but once you find an activity that destresses you effectively, incorporate it into your daily routine. Your heart and your head will thank you for it in the long run.

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