The Ordinary Guy Fight Diary

Fight Diary: Josh Borthwick (Advertising slob, fair weather sailor and general layabout)

Week 1

Weight – 85.6kg (Goal 78kg)

Height -  5”11 (180cm)

Waist – 37inches (Goal 32 inches) (How to measure your waist)

The good folk at getfrank thought it might be a good idea to chronicle the build up to my amateur fight on the 30th March 2012. Not because I’m a person of interest, but because this is a very interesting part of an otherwise generally less interesting life!

While this may not be the same kind of inspiration you might get from a blogpost via the Tuaman or Shane Cameron, we hope it’ll be a relatable kind of inspiration in the “if I can do it any muppet can” kind of vein.

First things first – disclosure:

1. I am not a complete novice in that I have done a bit of martial arts in the past, but judging by my form on the bag – you can see it’s not helping much here!

2. I run the company that sells advertising on behalf of getfrank. I’m not sure where the conflict of interests lies here, but I thought it worth pointing out at any rate.

3. It is possible that I may not fight on the above date if the promoters can’t find a suitable opponent (i.e. someone elderly and feeble enough not to kill me in the ring)

Every week I’ll give you an update on my training, diet and progress. The hugely talented and quick-handed Danny Codling is coaching me through my paces in preparation for the big fight.

I’m running a slow-carb diet roughly drawn from Tim Ferriss’s The 4-Hour Body and training 4 – 5 times a week down at Boxing Alley.

Aside from finding out what it’s like to go toe to toe with someone in an organised boxing match, my main motivation is to lose weight, tone-up and get fit.

Once upon a time I looked like this: 

And then I got married, had kids and now look like this:

Here’s the stats for my diet I started last week (and a bit of a sample day):

So if I keep this up I should be down to my goal weight in about 5 – 6weeks.

If you’ve got any tips or anything you’d like to know about the training regime – chuck something in the comments section and I’ll make sure I update you as often as I can.

Chur for now

Josh “The Bear” Borthwick

Extra links:

Ex-boxer takes up song writing

Waiheke-based Danny Codling at Rhythm and Vines


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  • HBC says
    Go Josh!! Float like a butterfly sting like a bee!

    • Ned says
      Cheers HBC - I tussled with an old lady in the car-park yesterday. She had a mean shopping bag left hook, but I was ducking so fast she spun around like a leaf in the wind. I'm not feeling BAD yet, but I'm starting to feel a little bit menacing!

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