Home Gyms Vs Commercial Gyms

When channel flicking, there are two different kinds of workout ads that grace your television on a daily basis. Commercial gym ads, including Bally and Gold's, promote the purchase of health club memberships to achieve "satisfying" workout results.

But, if you listen to Christie Brinkley, Chuck Norris and millions of other people around the world, you will find that the benefits from owning a home gym far exceed the pricey commercial gyms and health clubs of today.


A Real Time and Money Saver

With the purchase of a home gym, not only will you save time travelling back and forth to a commercial gym, but also save tons of money. Every time you hop in your car to go to the Curves across town or Gold?s Gym down the street, you are wasting gas and money. This money could be better spent in creating a gym in your home that doesn?t lead to monthly club fees and yearly membership dues.

Work Out On Your Own Schedule

Commercial gyms that are open for service both night and day are a rare sight. There are times you may have the urge to work out in the middle of the night, sometimes at the crack of dawn. You might want to workout once a day or increase your routine to ten times per week. Do you want to be travelling back and forth to a gym to use equipment you can have in the comforts of your own home?

And what if there is a severe thunderstorm, snowstorm or holiday? Does this mean your workout must wait because commercial gyms pause for these circumstances? When you own a home gym, you can work out on your own time and schedule, no matter how frequent, late or early in the day.


Better Environment

There are many distractions to ignore when joining a commercial gym. If it isn?t the bodybuilder flexing his muscles or the size 2 flaunting her abs, you might not be in the most encouraging environment for your workouts. The noise of rattling weights and racing treadmills may also cause disruptions in your workout. All of this is out of your control and you are paying for every minute of it.

When you purchase a home gym, you can create the environment that promotes the best workout for you. Maybe you like to pop in your favourite movie or inspirational flick. Perhaps, you like to talk on the telephone or have your pet hanging around. Some people like to sweat and workout without the watchful eyes of their peers. For some, this is not a competition, it is a lifestyle change or an approach towards a healthier body.

So, what better place to sculpt, tone and chisel your frame than in the warm surroundings you are most familiar with and can control? A home gym is the perfect answer to getting the most out of your workout plans and goals.

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  • Nick says
    I guess that both commercial gyms and home gyms have their positives.

    Home gyms:
    - no travel needed
    - low cost
    - no waiting around for equipment
    - no noise or anoying people always talking to you
    - you can workout in whateva you want
    - your gym so your rules

    Commercial Gym
    - PT's for expert guidence
    - Workout with friends
    - Get to see other people woeking out
    - Motivating environment

    Overall i guess it just depends on the person you are. If you can motivate yourself then all you need is a good gym at home, but if you need to motivation and other people around you to workout then a commercial gym would suit you.
  • Reno says
    I find that seeing other people working out hard around me more encouraging. Probably the main reason I pay for that gym pass. Ohh and I don't have any room in my place for a full workout studio haha.

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