Build the perfect physique with these simple and super effective guidelines

David DACK

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Making the journey toward getting the perfect physic can be hard and full with hurdles along the way. Having the perfect physic is not just matter of looking good or being the proud owner of a six-pack, it’s more about getting into the best shape ever and improving your all-around health.

Running in the Park

Therefore, here are some of the best and super-effective tips that can help you improve your health and boost fitness levels through the roof.

Banish the booze

Booze can be the glue that holds social circles together (and it’s very delicious!), but in excess it can spell disaster on your figure. Consuming alcohol decreases blood testosterone while boosting cortisol levels, which leads to an accretion of abdominal fat (hence the beer belly). Not only that, researchers at the University of Helsinki found that consuming alcohol decreases the effect of a workout by reducing supply of fatty acids and carbohydrates for the body, thus hindering post workout recovery and muscles growth.

Free your muscles

Working out with free weights instead of fixed machine leads to better muscle activation, a study published in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research found. However, when exercising with free weight safety must be an upmost priority, thus make sure to get a spotter and go heavy on the barbell bench press for greater increases in strength and muscle growth. Lifting hard and heavy leads to better fitness yielding, but safety should always be on mind.

Buddy up

When it comes to pushing yourself through the training and keeping it consistent over the long haul, pairing up with a training buddy is the way to go. A two-year study by the University of Pennsylvania found that people who exercised with a partner shed more pounds than those who went alone. Not only that, an oxford study showed that working out in a group minimizes perceived fatigued and helps you tolerate fatigue, thus leading to greater fitness rewards.

Run from hunger

Running is one of the best cardio training exercises out there. Running burns colossal amounts of calories. It can also help you ward off heart-related problems and boost your fitness levels through the roof. Not only that, according to study published in the Journal Of Sport Science And Medicine, subjects who had finished a long run at 60-70 percent of their maximum cardio had lower levels of Ghrelin—the hormone responsible for hunger, than a group who remained sedentary. Therefore, if you’re looking to eat less on your next meal, go for a run to keep those hunger pangs at bay.

Here you have it! Nevertheless, real change takes place only with consistent practice. This is where the rubber meets the road when it comes to getting the perfect physique. Therefore, make sure to put into action what you’ve just learned. Start off with making small changes (think baby steps), and in no time, you’ll be amazed with the progress you’re going to make.

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  • rooko says
    Hmmmmmm, give up the booze. Could be a tough one.

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