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A woman goes to see her doctor and explains that every time she sneezes, she has a massive climax.

"Are you taking anything for it?" her doctor asks.

salt pepper black white

"Yes," she replies: "Pepper."

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  • barnes10 says
    My dad fought in the war and survived mustard gas and pepper spray.

    He is now classed as a seasoned veteran.
    • thochaos says
      Brilliant, gave me a real life LOL!
    • JamesM says
      Reminds me of when I was a kid and I used to sneeze excessively loudly which would annoy Mum and Dad. One day after performing one of my thunderous sneezes I received a sarcastic "could you be in louder?" which of course was a challenge for my next one in which I feel I got close to a sonic boom but also received a chronic bleeding nose in the process. I think they call that Karma.
    • Prettyboy says
      the women would has a orgasmic time if she was around me when I eat my tomatoes on toast as I have truckloads of pepper.
    • Alex says
      A man walks into a bar, sits down, and says to the guy next to him, "Hey, you wanna hear a great Polish joke?"

      "Listen, pal," the guy replies. "I'm Poland's kick-boxing champion. My two friends here are both world-ranked judo masters, and they're Polish, too. Now, you still want to tell that joke?"

      "Nah," the man replies, "I don't feel like explaining it three times."

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