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  • The Rude Parrot

    24 May 2021 / Laugh

    David received a parrot for his birthday. The parrot was fully grown with a bad attitude and worse vocabulary. Every other word was an obscenity. Those that weren't expletives, were to say the least, rude. David tried hard to change the... More about The Rude Parrot

  • Never Lie to Your Mother

    21 May 2021 / Laugh

     Peter invited his mother for dinner, during the course of the meal; his mother couldn't help but notice how lovely Peter's flat mate, Joanne, was. She had long been suspicious of a relationship between the two, and this only made her... More about Never Lie to Your Mother

  • The Gift

    20 May 2021 / Laugh

    On the first day of school, the children brought gifts for their teacher. The florist's son brought the teacher a bouquet of flowers. The candy-store owner's daughter gave the teacher a pretty box of candy. Then the liquor-store... More about The Gift

  • Riding Nun’s

    19 May 2021 / Laugh

    Two nuns are riding their bikes down the back streets of Rome. One says breathlessly, "I've never come this way before!" To which the other replies, "It's the cobblestones." Joke of the Day, posted everyday on -... More about Riding Nun’s

  • Being Alone

    18 May 2021 / Laugh

    A man moved to a mountain top to get rid of the hustle and be alone. One day he heard a knock at the door and no one was there but then he looked down and there sat a snail and it said "it is quite cold out here can I come in?" the man shouted... More about Being Alone

  • Speed Limit

    17 May 2021 / Laugh

    Sitting on the edge of the highway waiting to catch speeders, a state police officer saw a car driving along at 22 M.P.H. He thinks to himself, that car is just as dangerous as a speeder. So, he turns his lights on and pulls the car over.... More about Speed Limit

  • Soda Machine

    14 May 2021 / Laugh

    One day a blonde went up to a soda machine, put in some money, and a soda came out. She got really excited and started to put more money into the machine. The more and more she did it, the more the soda came out. After a while someone walked up to... More about Soda Machine

  • Offer, Retracted.

    13 May 2021 / Laugh

    A good-looking guy is sitting in a bar, sipping a whiskey. He notices a gorgeous woman at the end of the bar, talking with a friend. He calls over a waiter, and sends them both a martini, along with a note asking for the gorgeous woman's phone... More about Offer, Retracted.

  • Immaculate Misconception

    12 May 2021 / Laugh

    A woman starts dating a doctor. Before too long, she becomes pregnant and they don't know what to do. About nine months later, just about the time she is going to give birth, a priest goes into the hospital for a prostate gland infection. The... More about Immaculate Misconception

  • Horse Race

    11 May 2021 / Laugh

    A champion jockey is about to enter an important race on a new horse. The horse's trainer meets him before the race and says, "All you have to remember with this horse is that every time you approach a jump, you have to shout,... More about Horse Race


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