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  • Being Alone

    29 March 2018 / Laugh

    A man moved to a mountain top to get rid of the hustle and be alone. One day he heard a knock at the door and no one was there but then he looked down and there sat a snail and it said "it is quite cold out here can I come in?" the man shouted... More about Being Alone

  • Brave captain

    28 March 2018 / Laugh / Funny Jokes 2012

    One fine day, brave Captain Smith and his crew of sailors were sailing the ocean blue. Suddenly, on the horizon, there loomed a ship with a skull and crossbones raised on the mast. The crew was frantic, seeking refuge and asking the captain what... More about Brave captain

  • Kiwis complain?!

    26 March 2018 / Laugh / Funny Jokes 2007

    No, Kiwis don't complain! Now, first of all, I am a fan of Denny's restaurants. But I don't understand the big advertising on the wall asking me if I remember sitting on a veranda, on a hot lazy Sunday afternoon, drinking a root beer... More about Kiwis complain?!

  • Cowboy Boots

    28 February 2018 / Laugh

    A lady went into a bar in Waco and saw a cowboy with his feet propped up on a table. He had the biggest boots she'd ever seen. The woman asked the cowboy if it's true what they say about men with big feet are well endowed. The... More about Cowboy Boots

  • Railroad

    04 December 2017 / Laugh

    A man who had spent his whole life in the desert visited a friend. He'd never seen a train or the tracks they run on. While standing in the middle of the RR tracks, he heard a whistle, but didn't know what it was. Predictably, he's... More about Railroad

  • The Shredder

    01 December 2017 / Laugh

    A young executive is working late one evening. As he comes out of his office about 8 PM he sees the Big Boss standing by the shredder in the hallway, a piece of paper in his hand. "Do you know how to work this thing?" the older man asks. "My... More about The Shredder

  • Define embarrassment

    29 November 2017 / Laugh

    Q. What's the definition of embarrassment? A. Running into a wall with a hard-on and breaking your nose. Joke of the Day, posted everyday on - Click to see the past weeks worth right here... More about Define embarrassment

  • The Happy Hangover

    27 November 2017 / Laugh

    Jack wakes up with a huge hangover after attending his company's Christmas Party. Jack is not normally a drinker, but the drinks didn't taste like alcohol at all. He didn't even remember how he got home from the party. As bad as he... More about The Happy Hangover

  • Tractor Salesman

    10 November 2017 / Laugh

    A farmer walked into a bar and saw the local tractor salesman sitting there, head hung low, obviously upset, drowning his sorrows in his beer. "What's up, John?" asked the farmer. "Gosh Bob, I'll tell you what ... if I don't sell a... More about Tractor Salesman

  • Escaped Prisoner

    08 November 2017 / Laugh

    A man escapes from a prison where he had been kept for 15 years. As he runs away, he finds a house and breaks into it, looking for money and guns, but only finds a young couple in bed.He orders the guy out of bed and ties him up in a chair. While... More about Escaped Prisoner

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