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‘If you can’t write your idea on the back of my calling card, you don’t have a clear idea.’ ~David Belasco One of the worst problems I’ve seen when people send me emails is amazingly common: they’re way too long.I’m a fairly busy guy, but who isn’t busy? I try to be responsive but when I get an incredibly long email there is no way I’ll answer quickly. If an email is short, I’ll shoot out a reply as soon as I read it.So why send long emails?Here’s a rule: a long email is never necessary. Never.Why am I writing this? Is it a rant against people who’ve emailed me? No, it’s a general... read full article


Your Emails are Too Long

May as well just use twitter? :)


such great advice - have stuck it up on my office wall


Keep it short, and put what you want from the recipient in the subject line. And resist copying your mails to all and sundry!


Depends on the purpose of the e-mail - if I am asking someone questions or get someone to do something for me I would try to keep the e-mail as short as possible. I'll even read through the e-mail before sending it out to make sure it's clear and concise. But if I am writing an e-mail to answer a question or provide general information, sometimes the e-mail can get a bit long to make sure I cover everything I need to cover including disclaimers so people don't come back and say you never mentioned such and such...


Yes people in this instance, size isn't everything!


for me it isnt the quantity, quality or content of the email that makes me decide to archive and read later, it is the "sender" that determines that


I write emails, like I have sex...keep it short and sweet! LMAO!


I should forward this article to a lot of people... long pointless emails are one of my pet peeves!


I often split it into five or so single sentence paragraphs which deal with each item to make it easier to reply to and keep track of. Works for me anyway.


Is it rude to send this to those people who send you realllllyyyyy long emails? People wanna just talk and talk and talk.

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