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“YES MAN” stars Jim Carrey as Carl Allen, a man who signs up for a self-help program based on one simple principle: say “yes” to everything...and anything.   At first, unleashing the power of yes transforms Carl’s life in amazing and unexpected ways, but he soon discovers that opening up his life to endless possibilities can have its drawbacks. Get Frank has 5 prize packs of the following >> 1x in-season double pass 1x film poster 1x t-shirt 1x prediction ball Plus runner up prizes of 20x in-season double passes.  To get yourself in the draw entertain us with your most impressive "yes" story... read full article


YES MAN Double Passes

well ive gone for job interview after job interview & to no avail...of course no~one wants to give you a job after you tell them you have privious convictions...well i went for my last interview with Taylor Fabrications & finally i got my "YES"....


YES MAN Double Passes

Yes please!


YES MAN Double Passes

speaking of positive thinking - someone once asked me - is the glass half full or half empty ? YES i said .


YES MAN Double Passes

Yes is a way forward, a way to progress. No is a step back and a way of procastination. Saying Yes is another way of saying No is not an option. I vote everyone says Yes.


YES MAN Double Passes

Yes, Yes, Yes I want to win!! Yes I love Life!! Yes life is short!!


YES MAN Double Passes

yes to winning this :)


YES MAN Double Passes

Once worked in the Caribbean on a boat. Unbeknown to me you needed a Return ticket off the island when you were flying in(even if you were leaving by sea!). Immigration stopped me and escorted me back onto the plane. Explained the situation to the flight crew and captain. Asked the Captain if he would vouch for me. He said yes . He Lowered the back steps of the plane and escorted me across the tarmac back into the terminal building. Fantastic "yes" moment


YES MAN Double Passes

People hum & ha in my Industry when talking to customers; nothing is definite. I have made it my point of difference to all customers who call me to say YES I CAN - loud and clearly when their questions are leading up to decision-time. Both parties have been happy for the last three years. It does have proactive connotationz! Try it sometimes ; >)


YES MAN Double Passes

"Would you like your father and I to help you buy your first house?" "Yes please!"


YES MAN Double Passes

On my first plane ride I was sitting next to a pilot in uniform. He said to me just after takeoff ,"would you like to sit up in the cockpit?"To which I replied "yes". I stayed there for about half an hour, and I am now saving to get my full pilots license. What if I had said "no"???

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