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“YES MAN” stars Jim Carrey as Carl Allen, a man who signs up for a self-help program based on one simple principle: say “yes” to everything...and anything.   At first, unleashing the power of yes transforms Carl’s life in amazing and unexpected ways, but he soon discovers that opening up his life to endless possibilities can have its drawbacks. Get Frank has 5 prize packs of the following >> 1x in-season double pass 1x film poster 1x t-shirt 1x prediction ball Plus runner up prizes of 20x in-season double passes.  To get yourself in the draw entertain us with your most impressive "yes" story... read full article


YES MAN Double Passes

"Wanna hook up?" "Yes"


YES MAN Double Passes

I was in the army and fighting in Afghanistan and I got caught by Al Qaeda. They asked my a simple question "are you american?" .I said " Um....Yes?". BAM!


YES MAN Double Passes

my partner proposed last christmas on one knee will you marry me? yes of course.


YES MAN Double Passes

With all the world in an economic panic, we are surrounded by negative media reports and pessimism in the Boardrooms. But all that is required to turn this around now, is some positive thinking. More people saying "YES". More people with a sparkle in their eye, with love in their hearts. Jim Carrey is a regular nut case in his movies. I need to see this to lift my own spirits more too. Send me the tickets and we will say "Yes" we want to go to see him!! Thank you.


YES MAN Double Passes



YES MAN Double Passes

Being overseas in non-english speaking countrys, saying "yes" (welling nodding your head) to things they are trying to translate for you from the menu.. NOT allways a good idea, but the only way to live!


YES MAN Double Passes

I answered yes when a potential flatmate wanted to move into our flat. Married and two children later, turns out that yes was a bit of a monumentous moment.


YES MAN Double Passes

Yes to winning this competition please!


YES MAN Double Passes

Traffic Officer: ``Were you aware you were speeding madam? Moi: Yes Traffic Officer: ``Have you been drinking madam'' Moi: Yes Traffic officer: ``Do you have your licence on you madam.' Moi: Yes Later the same month... Judge: ``Do you have any previous madam.'' Moi: Yes Judge: ``Are you aware you are on your final warning and this is an imprisonable offence.'' Moi: Yes. But can i apply for home detention? Judge: Yes Moi: ``Thank You your honour..... that should give me time to dump the corpse from the boot and give it a good clean out''


YES MAN Double Passes

No one says Yes, its always yea, yip, yep, ye, ay, and the odd yarr


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