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It took me a long time to go wireless with my Xbox 360 despite having a wireless home network for several years. The reason? Cost. The cost of Microsoft’s notoriously overpriced Wireless Network Adaptor made it more attractive for me to run an 18ft network cable from my Elite to my router. It was a pain in the arse, but considerably cheaper. Since I bit the bullet and went fully wireless, I’ve been nothing but happy with the performance and reliability of the original 802.11g adaptor. Recently Microsoft has released an updated version of their adaptor which uses 802.11n, i.e. faster speeds and a longer range. It helps that 802.11n rides on the... read full article


Xbox 360 Wireless N Adaptor

Nice article, I'm in the same situation. Would love to have the 360 through my wireless network but cost is a factor. Wired for now until I have enough funds to go the other way.


Xbox 360 Wireless N Adaptor

Come on guys it is worth it. So much fun love it


Xbox 360 Wireless N Adaptor

That price is ridiculous, are there any affordable third party options?

Personally I purchased a Linksys WRT-54GL router, flashed it with Tomato firmware, and it allows you to bridge your new router to the old router's wireless.

It is about $140, and requires about an hour of research and installing (very easy, but intimidating).

Similarly, some like to install DD-WRT instead of Tomato, it allows you to make packet optimizations within the router and reduce ping times (or at least attempt to).

Both options also let you over-volt your attenas and theoretically get better signal quality and strength.


Xbox 360 Wireless N Adaptor

There are no third party options available, however a bit of Googling will reveal a "Number 8 Wire" way of hooking your 360 up to wireless. You might have to be prepared to void your warranty though. I haven't looked into it that hard.


Xbox 360 Wireless N Adaptor

Or you could just buy a PS3 and have it already built into the console at no added price. Buy the way wireless is laggy compared to wired as I found out playing BFBC2.


Xbox 360 Wireless N Adaptor

Yep, or you could buy a PS3. Or you could buy a 360 AND a wireless adaptor for the price of a PS3. Now you mention it, I've noticed no difference in the amount of lag and/or download speed between a wireless and a wired 360 (note that I do have direct line of sight to my router) However my PS3 slows down dramatically using wireless when compared to wired. Especially doing software/firmware updates - it takes forever on wireless! And I'm not being biased here - I love my PS3 - but just presenting the facts as I have experienced them.


Xbox 360 Wireless N Adaptor

Really interesting when considering updating. Mine is still doing fine so I think ill stick with it for now.


Xbox 360 Wireless N Adaptor

Sshh don't tell my boyfriend about this!


Xbox 360 Wireless N Adaptor

Awesome article - I'm a retard when it comes to this sort of thing but I'd like it for the entertainment side of things - my ex had it hooked up like this but he's a prick so I can't ask him to show me how - cheers mate.


Xbox 360 Wireless N Adaptor

Yeah cheaper is better, just meant running cables to every room under the house putting on the plug's the right way, was great that all the cable came free from a friend too. so it all only cost me the price of the RJ-45 Plug's and a proper crimper SWEET!


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