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If you are reading this article and expecting advice on talking dirty then you are going to be disappointed. This week we’re delving in to some of the most bizarre (and disgusting) sex acts that have been named and defined. It’s definitely not one for the faint hearted, so if you are easily offended - stop reading now!Spit Roasts & Daisy ChainsYes you’ve guessed it, these seemingly innocent terms have a double meaning. Most people have heard about spit roasts so we’ll ease you in gently with that. A ‘spit roast’ is an act involving three people - usually two men and a woman. The woman, who is positioned in the middle, is... read full article


X-Rated Sex Terms

Hey there Monkey Face takes on a whole new meaning as a cheeky greeting .....lolll


X-Rated Sex Terms

Haha I've heard about the monkey face before, but it was called 'angry warewolf' instead


X-Rated Sex Terms

Likewise with dirty sanchez - I've always run with the 'Raging Hitler' for that one


X-Rated Sex Terms

OOOh!!!! this is real cool stuff..hahah.. Nice knowledge gained.


X-Rated Sex Terms

the snowball is a timeless classic!


X-Rated Sex Terms

urgh.... snowball.....


X-Rated Sex Terms

OMG @ Monkey Face. Never heard of that one before. [video]YT6InvLJUzA[/video]


X-Rated Sex Terms

How about "missionary position"....ewwwwwwwwwwwwww disgusting!!!!


X-Rated Sex Terms

I'm personally a big fan of the Alligator Fuckhouse. Seriously - Urbandictionary that and you will be amazed.


X-Rated Sex Terms

Ewwwww. You gotta wonder what happened to some people to make them enjoy these things

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