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No one gets a bargain! With increasing wealth comes increasing ways to spend it. Increasingly silly you might say. But clearly the childhood impulse to cavort around your peer group and sing 'I've got something you don't have...' is one that not many - if any, ever truly outgrow. Indeed, many lucrative companies, brands and entire industries owe their existence to this particular piece of hardwiring in the modern human brain. We thought we'd showcase a few of them so you don't get too bored once the thrill of striking it rich begins to pale. Here then are: The world’s most expensive... Sneakers - Nike US$1500 - Fewer... read full article


World's most expensive...

And if you didn't have kids, these are some of the things you could buy lol!


World's most expensive...

A wise man once said "if there was no money left on this earth; there would still be greed, but if you took the greed off this earth money would be useless.


World's most expensive...

Haha that truffle fact is a great endorsement for the fact that you shouldn't spend ridiculous amounts of money on something perishable!


World's most expensive...

Sometimes I think it would have been unforgettable to try one of the extravagent world class experiences such as flying on Concord...... but then I remind myself that there are still some class experiences for little or no money...... one of my favourites was when I discovered many years ago from my father and his friends - who loved tramping and mountaineering and were involved in such activities from the late 1940s onwards...... that it is legitimate after several days in the mountains to go to the Chateau or the Hermitage, leave your boots beside the door to the outdoors, and put on some clean socks and walk in socked [stockinged ?] feet in to the dining room and buy endless cups of coffee - enjoying the view, the location and the comfort....... the confidence to feel you can go anywhere..... and that having done that hard physical effort in the mountains, you have the right to enjoy the classy comfort........


World's most expensive...

Well we can largely thank Gen X for this over indulgent greed fest - they want it now and will tick it up to get it - its not to say we arent all a little guilty of wanting the best in life, sometimes! Was it not extravagance to a certain degree that helped drive us into the R word state of affairs of the economy?


World's most expensive...

Some people really do have more money than sense


World's most expensive...

I admire the people making and selling this stuff. They're the clever ones!


World's most expensive...

They say a fool and his money are soon parted, but I must admit I would like to be a fool for a while!


World's most expensive...

My dad could still smash your dad... no matter how fancy his bra is.


World's most expensive...

Here are some ALTERNATIVE options just in case you are like me and can't afford the stuff in the article...

Sneakers - wear jandals instead, $9.95 from the Warehouse.
City - it's pretty cheap living in Invercargill.
Bra - $12.95 sports bra from Farmers.
Cocktail - go for a can of Lion Red.
Teabag - Bell 100 teabag value-pack for $3.55 at PaknSave.
Diamond - just buy a fake, she won't know the difference.
Fruit Cake - Ernest Adams, $4.95 on special at Foodtown.
Jeans - The Warehouse also does jeans.
Watch - Kids Mickey Mouse watch, $12.95 from Toyworld.
Cellphone - I have a vintage 1998 Nokia pre-pay, it does the job.
Truffle - try Maltesers, $1.95 a pack from the supermarket.
Perfume - Linx spray-on, $4.95 from any department store.
Pen - get them free from your office stationary cupboard.
Sandwich - Subway 6 inch sub of the day, $3.90.

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