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No one gets a bargain! With increasing wealth comes increasing ways to spend it. Increasingly silly you might say. But clearly the childhood impulse to cavort around your peer group and sing 'I've got something you don't have...' is one that not many - if any, ever truly outgrow. Indeed, many lucrative companies, brands and entire industries owe their existence to this particular piece of hardwiring in the modern human brain. We thought we'd showcase a few of them so you don't get too bored once the thrill of striking it rich begins to pale. Here then are: The world’s most expensive... Sneakers - Nike US$1500 - Fewer... read full article


World's most expensive...

Wow! This leaves you with two distinct feelings. One, a wish that we could have the money to purchase atleast one of these items, and Two, a sadness for how stupid must be to actually buy something like this.


World's most expensive...

Like the history of the decline of the Roman Empire. A society gets more and more extravagant, extreme and decadent, before it finally destroys itself. The writing is on the wall. But now we are talking the entire civilization, not just the white society. Too many people, too much selfish greed.


World's most expensive...

Wow, that looks like a good sandwich. I'd take the shoes or the watch, but most of it actually looks super tacky.


World's most expensive...

That sandwich sounds really good... maybe it would go down exceptionally well alongside my hot cup of diamond tea.. .


World's most expensive...

too ostentatious for my taste. It would be kind of daft to flash that kind of money around in the wrong places


World's most expensive...

I'm not sure if I could respect a man that owns a pair of jeans with buttons and rivets made of Diamonds..


World's most expensive...

what a material world we live in

yes it is a f up world we live in not gud at all im fm lil old nz


World's most expensive...

the world has become so sick with greed


World's most expensive...

Wow dont i wish this article was instead titled things i own. Owell i suppose i can wish


World's most expensive...

if only we could throw around that sort of money.......oh well

WOW $1500 for shoes - even if I was rich I would not be stupid enough to buy such wasteful things!

Fruit Cake - US$1.65 million – A Tokyo pastry chef took six months to design and one month to make a fruit cake made with the finest ingredients and studded with 223 small diamonds. Apart from the bling, the entire cake is edible. - CRRRRAAAZZZZYyYYY - you could feed alot of hungary people in Ethopia with this... I can't believe anyone would spend this much on a cake. People with money like this and who spend it on this make me sick

Show me the Opp. Shops and a couple of springbok/gazelle sandwiches.
No money and the barter system, that's what we need.
Adventure and find the unique to trade for the antique.

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