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Although Kiwis may be viewed by many overseas as beer-swilling farmers in black singlets, there are also those of us who enjoy a glass (or three) of wine – good wine. And you need look no further than our own back yard to find a world class drop, whatever your preference. New Zealand’s stunning scenery provides a range of picturesque backdrops to the vineyards and wineries scattered across the country and our “clean, green” image is part of what has attracted overseas visitors, growers and importers. Our temperate marine climate is ideal for the predominantly coastal vineyards, with strong sunlight during the day and sea... read full article


Wine trails of NZ

I am a winemaker / viticulturist and most of all a wine lover. Not enough kiwis make the most of the awesome wines and wineries, there is hardly a region of NZ that does not have a wine industry. Even though I am in the industry I still enjoy visiting new wineries, hearing the stories of how they got started, the history behind the land and the local area.
Now with the growing industry we are seeing concerts at wineries, food, wine, music, it cant really get much better.
My advise is to visit the little guys, less tasting traffic, more one on one time with the owners / winemakers, less pre-fabricated spiel.
Life is too short for bad wine!


Can't wait to see how much more recognition NZ gets for their wine in the future when we get more time for the wine to mature.


I think that part of the problem is that we are way too keen to get it on the shelves. I had an 11 year old bottle of red the other day, French, and it was simply amazing, a totally different experience. I'm going to triple my budget per bottle from now on and think 3 times less. Trust me it's worth it!

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