Discussing :: Win yourself a Masport Charcoal BBQ for Christmas

It’s no secret that Dad’s love nothing more than bangers, barbecues and breaking out their mowers, so make his day this summer – with Masport! We’ve all got the picture in our minds – hot summer’s day, Dad’s in his shorts and jandals, cold drink in one hand, BBQ tongs in the other – the pure essence of a Kiwi summer and Dad’s ultimate happy place. For the tempting smell of yesteryear, make Dad’s day with a Masport Charcoal BBQ – compact enough for small spaces yet big enough to feed a crew of hungry mates, this little ripper will deliver lip-smacking meals infused with the deep and... read full article


Need a new barbie as old one is falling apart! Would so want this!


A bbq is the one thing missing from our flat at the moment


Wow, that's a nice barbecue! I'd so like to win!


Charcoal BBQ. Now that brings back memories of when Kiwi's actually had to light a fire in their BBQ to cook rather than just turn on a gas bottle.


THere is nothing nicer than the taste and smell of a proper cooked smokey bbq steak - goes perfectly with a nice cold beer or cider - gas is just not the same and my grandkids love sausages done this way :-)


BBQ yummmmm.


Perfect for cooking mystery bags


My dear old BBQ has finally lost the battle with rust - missing my friend this summer and its only been 10 days!


Could so use a new BBQ, have 3 here on the property, ones so knackered and rusty have made it into a fish smoker, the other two, ,,,,well,,, might make good boat anchors, hahahahaahahaah,soooooo,,, pleeeeeeez pick moi


give me the taste of a charcoal bbq

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