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Procter & Gamble's Old Spice® Brand Comes Ashore in New ZealandHelping Men Navigate the Seas of Manhood, Old Spice Now Available in New ZealandKiwi males can now smell like a man, man! Old Spice, with its heritage of helping men smell great and become manlier, are now introducing their line of manly scented grooming products to the men of New Zealand. Having established itself as the No.1-selling antiperspirant and deodorant and body wash brand in North America, Old Spice aims to leverage its more than 70-year history to help New Zealand men look and smell their best with a full range of uniquely scented Old Spice products. The Old Spice... read full article


I have never used it before but I have seen it in ads and heard it talked of in American tv shows. I'm wonder what it is like.


ahh the old classic!!! would be keen to get amongst this lot : )


I just gotta try this


This would make a great present for the old man he loves Old Spice


Old Spice aye!!! Making a comeback.


i love the smell of this.. it would be a great present


Boy sometimes working on a truck makes a person like me really stink.


this brings back memories!


Terry Crews was in some pretty funny Old Spice ads...[youtube]http://youtu.be/RnbJ1rnjJlQ[/youtube]


B R O - this new Old Spice is the shizznizz! I bought the deodorant spray and to be honest, when going for the first smell, I was definitely hesitant (seeing the big ship on the blue waters with the old white glass bottle with the weird top)... but what a pleasant surprise! I LOVE the smell, love the deo can design, its very functional! Well done Old Spice!

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