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Devil’s Cut, launched by Jim Beam that is the brainchild of current Master Distiller Fred Noe.  Thanks to the trademark on this insightful process you will never see another product like Devil’s Cut in the market. What Fred Noe has done is develop a process whereby he extracts this ‘trapped’ bourbon with limestone water, from the barrels, and uses the resulting ‘whiskey water’ to create the extra oaky, full flavoured bourbon with characteristics reminiscent of fine Scotch whisky. Go ahead, try it, you too will soon realise that it’s so delicious no wonder the Devil was keeping it for himself.  To... read full article


Win with Jim Beam Devil's Cut

way to go Fred Noe! you rock!


Awesome there in RTD form now. I got given a bottle of devils cut for my sons first birthday (it is in the shelf until he turns 18) and i wanted to try it out so i went and bought another bottle to taste it.It really is a nice drop and the process they make it is very interesting.


Devils Cut....will make me into a devil after a few of these! YEOW!


Nice pack! Draws the eyes.


Morning Getfrank, please pass it on Fred Noe he has done a top job to develop this process however I am just the person to ‘untrap’ this bourbon into a glass with ice while I watch the mighty All Blacks.


Always great prizes, nice


dare to say I love bourbon with coke... would be happy to try this!


Bourbon the best drink ever, been drinking it a long time now, never changed in my taste as I got older


This drink sounds great....I can't wait to try it. Love the packaging as well.


I agree the packaging looks great.....makes me VERY thirsty!!!


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