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A BREAKFAST SOUFFLÉ FOR CATS – THE PURRFECT WAY TO START EACH DAY Those little balls of fluff mean everything to us. That’s why pet care company, Purina, is launching Fancy Feast Mornings - a new, tasty and luxurious breakfast meal that’s nutritiously balanced and offers your precious feline friends the purrfect way to start their day. Fancy Feast Mornings provides cats a delicious breakfast experience they can enjoy alongside their owner, to make this ‘special time’ even better.Every pampered pussy cat will love the Fancy Feast Mornings range of gourmet breakfast medleys and soufflés.  The meals look so... read full article


Our little fluff ball comes to visit from next door. She turns her nose up at the food over there and comes to see what we have on offer, much to her owners amusement! I'm sure she would love some Fancy Feast!


Which little ball of fluff should I tell you about? I have 6 rescued cats and all are as important as each other with their different quirks and personalities. And no I am not a "cat lady".


I have six cats and four are fixed. My blue-point Siamese cat is expecting her fourth litter of kittens early September...more food for the cats would be welcomed thanks...:)


Charlie came from my son's six year old soccor team-mate. He is big and black and quite evil. Nya was my son's seven year old birthday present. She is tiny and tortise-shell and produced a litter of kittens at an age which was truly distasteful before we realized she was capable of such a feat.


Our cats are getting older but we definitely have one each - mine is precocious and incredibly social. She only has 2 teeth left but doesn't let it slow her down!


I have my two boys and one girl left, all very old, boys (Nosey and Stalker) are 15 this year and the girl (Duffy) is 12. They all deserve the best!!!!


My cat is Isabella Beatrice - Izzy B for short. She is a black maine coon and is an absolute delight. She has a wonderful purr. This prize would be purrfect for her.


My cats are there most vocal in the mornings for food. A fancy feast for them will give me a chance at having my breakfast in peace.


Weve had our cat "Titten" with us since she was a kitten. Shes a black and white spazz cat, and what can I say but SHE LOVES FOOD!

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