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A BREAKFAST SOUFFLÉ FOR CATS – THE PURRFECT WAY TO START EACH DAY Those little balls of fluff mean everything to us. That’s why pet care company, Purina, is launching Fancy Feast Mornings - a new, tasty and luxurious breakfast meal that’s nutritiously balanced and offers your precious feline friends the purrfect way to start their day. Fancy Feast Mornings provides cats a delicious breakfast experience they can enjoy alongside their owner, to make this ‘special time’ even better.Every pampered pussy cat will love the Fancy Feast Mornings range of gourmet breakfast medleys and soufflés.  The meals look so... read full article


Our Cat is embarrassing, forever bringing home dead gifts, usually producing them to me when I have people over, suddenly a dead rat is plonked on the floor in front of everyone.


My cat "Lion" is 8 yrs old, grey & white long haired rascal, he thinks hes king of the castle, when our heads are turned, he thinks he has the right to jump on the dining room table and clean himself, he's very vocal and makes himself known when you walk past him, he has bad attitude and is not always friendly as he bites your hand when you pat him...i seriously think he has a personality disorder but either way hes part of our family and i love him!!


Our furballs think I'm the best cook ever, thanks to people like purina who make nice food for our pets, shows they love them too.


My furry family of three would love this prize. Two females and one male, they all have different personalities


My cat loves her food - always lets us know when it is breakfast and dinner time. She would love this - it would make a change from her cat bikkies.


The cats would be ripping the packaging open to get to these.


My dear wee creamy girl who is 14, dances when she hears a tin of fancy feast getting cracked open she would love to EAT this lol


Cats what can you say about them we have two and they rule the house


I have never ever met a cat with so much arrogance as my neighbour's. It sashays past my dog who incidentally isn't a fan, but is told to tolerate it. It stretches out lazily & then blatantly helps himself to my Norman's food. I would drip-feed this Fancy Feast Mornings over the fence & then my dog could maybe just for once, finish his tea in peace. Sssh it is a cute cat and I secretly like it!


My ball of fluff drives me crazy with constant demands for food, I am sure she would be very happy if I won this:)


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