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A BREAKFAST SOUFFLÉ FOR CATS – THE PURRFECT WAY TO START EACH DAY Those little balls of fluff mean everything to us. That’s why pet care company, Purina, is launching Fancy Feast Mornings - a new, tasty and luxurious breakfast meal that’s nutritiously balanced and offers your precious feline friends the purrfect way to start their day. Fancy Feast Mornings provides cats a delicious breakfast experience they can enjoy alongside their owner, to make this ‘special time’ even better.Every pampered pussy cat will love the Fancy Feast Mornings range of gourmet breakfast medleys and soufflés.  The meals look so... read full article


Arthur is my cat. He has a perfect cat door yet always crows to get in.


My cat Gary would love to try the new fancy feast mornings range! He's a laid back dude who loves to pose for my camera..


We have four cats. Zen, Titan, Pandora and Sphinx. Can always use more food for them


My girlfriend got Luca from the SPCA a few months before she got diagnosed with terminal cancer - I took the cat to look after when she was in the hospice but 9weeks ago she lost her battle. Luca was a wild stray so he's never been affectionate but since the night Karen passed on he lets me hug, pat and brush him.


This looks great.......Smudge will think its his birthday if we win!!


My cat is constantly purring, I'm not sure if he is always happy or just has some breathing problem. He would like this prize since I bought him homebrand stuff last time and he hardly touches it.


Two gorgeous girls here,both would devour this in a heartbeat,they love their food and would be keen to try something new that I am sure of,both cheeky,playful and happy content girls who bring me much happiness and are great therapy especially when I'm having a bad pain day,nothing like a kittie to take your mind off things.


Our Rowdy Roddy's pibald with comically large eyes that were bright blue when he was born. With a bulldog shaped body and massive paws, he's the guard cat of the house. His new fave food is garlic naan, I found this out after leaving my tea to get the phone only to come back and find him tucking in :D


Taz will love this for brekkie!!


My 2 are crazy as can be Rummage is abit of a snob that thinks the bed is hers, she likes chase the dog as does Willis, hes abit different tho I saved him as a little little kitten from a farm dog about to be eaten, silly me lol, he looks like a black possum and if any dogs (apart from our Rolly} come to the house he will attact them he has drawn blood twice on Rolly's friend, but still love he and her lots and lots would be lost without them.


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