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PICK N MIX YOUR FAVOURITE JELLY BEANS WITH ALLEN’S® The ALLEN’S lollies team is celebrating the arrival of two delicious new flavours of jelly beans in New Zealand, SOUR RUSH and FUNFAIR THRILLS. FUNFAIR THRILLS is a selection of carnival inspired jelly beans, flavours include: fairy floss, zesty lemonade, fizzy cola, bubblegum bang, tutti fruitti, buttered popcorn, chocolate milkshake, tangy toffee apple and cool candy banana. SOUR RUSH is a sour mixture of jelly bean favourites, flavours include: grape fruit, lemon lime, strawberry, blackberry, mandarin, peach, pineapple, green apple and blood orange.ALLEN’S new jelly beans are... read full article


Yes please


I got the email this afternoon and saw the new flavours available so while I was out, I managed to sneak in a bag of the Sour ones into the shopping trolley. And they are as good as I hoped they would be - really strong sour flavour. Since they will not last until my son gets home, it would be really nice to get a bag to give to him. I will of course eat the other one. Hopefully, he will want the Sour ones but if wants to have the Funfair ones then I am sure that I could easily bring myself to eat the Sour ones again.


Id love to try the sour ones!


i do have a sweet tooth, time to make it sweeter


We would absolutely love to try these. Allens lollies are the best.


Getting one of these would definitely be a pleasant suprise!


yummy.. these would be great for the office


Love to try these new flavours, please enter me in the draw.


Great flavours Allens. Jelly Beans are my fav.


I absolutly love allens lollies :)


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